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Shtick: The Art of Entertaining Children

What is funny to children? This is a complex question. It is somewhat different between various performers. It has to do with the mixture of jokes, gags, and personalities.

Performers with one kind of personality may not be able to do the same shtick as someone with a different personality. Shtick is who you are as a performer, what makes you You! I cannot teach you that - it has to come from your innermost being.

But I can share with you the gags, gimmicks, and jokes that will help you build your own special shtick. That is what this book is all about. I show you my shtick and you use the parts that feel good to you and create your own personal shtick that will endear you to your audiences for years to come!

About the Author: Larry Mahan is a MASTER of entertaining children! He has performed thousands of shows through his SONshine Entertainment ministry, created countless Gospel illusions and served multiple times as the President of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Denver chapter.

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