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Yancy Connect the Dots Video Transitions Download

Transitions and Segue Videos to Prepare a Heart of Worship

Connect the Dots is transitions and segue videos to prepare a heart of worship. These short videos will help you kick off a service or transition into a message or worship. Created to help people connect the dots in communicating their worship and thanks to our Savior.

Titles include: Thank You, Our God Is, Get the Party Started, The Word, Jesus Is the Name, Shout It Out, Sing, Clap & Bless His Name, All In, My God Is Big, Who You Are, We Have A Promise, Time to Praise, What Christmas Is About.

These mp4 files are easily imported into your presentation software. It’s the perfect resource for churches that want to use some creative elements to help inspire and communicate why we worship.

The videos average a minute in length. Most are mid/slow tempo but we’ve included several uptempo action oriented videos too. Help take your worship to a new place and connect the dots as to why we should worship our awesome God.

Click here to view a sample video.

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