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Animated Kids Bible<i> Jacob and Esau</i> Lesson Download

Animated Kids Bible Jacob and Esau Lesson Download

Episode 5 Lesson 14

The Animated Kid's Bible is an excellent way to get your kids interested in the classic Bible stories of the Old Testament. Even more importantly, it's a great way for them to learn the lessons contained in each. Your kids will be glued to the set, and they'll want to watch them over and over again.

Episode Five: Lesson Fourteen - Jacob and Esau Isaac was blessed by God because of his father Abraham, and Isaac’s children were blessed also. However, Jacob and Esau did not see the blessing that would come from their father the same way. Esau saw the potential profits of the blessing, the land and the animals. Jacob saw the blessing as simply a blessing from God. Jacob did not know everything that it would bring, he only knew it was from God and that was all that mattered. The difference between Jacob and Esau is a good question for us; what matters the most to you? We must understand that God is not someone we use to make our life become what We want it to be. If we do, we limit God’s plans for our life.

Pip the Penguin will be your kids' guide to the educational resources which include a character page with a summary of each of the major characters from the story, so your kids can learn more about their favorite people in the Bible.

Also included is a music video with scenes from the story. These are great fun for the kids, with songs they can learn and sing with. The music video is also a quick, fun way to review all that happened in the story.

Eighteen lessons in all!

This download resource is available instantly after purchase by clicking on My Downloads at the top of any page.

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