Rubik's Cube Countdowns!

Watch the 10x10 Rubik's being Solved below!

Everyone knows Pastor Karl loves Rubiks Cubes! Kids love bringing their cubes to church for him to "fix" them before or after church. They love his one handed, behind the back 10 second solve!

So he decided it was finally time to make some Rubiks Cube Countdowns!

These are available for FREE to All Access Members of the site!

Video 1: Solution to 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and mini 3x3! (5 minute countdown)


Video 2: Solution to 4x4 Cube! (5 minute countdown)


Video 3: Solution to the 6x6 Cube! (5 minute countdown)


Preview Video 4: The Massive 10x10 Cube! (Note: 10 minute countdown!)




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