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Need some help getting new volunteers to help out in your children's ministry? Here you will find a collection of articles, ideas and resources to assist you in the ever present dreaded task of RECRUITING and KEEPING your volunteers!

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All Access Make Sure You Don't Make This Mistake When Writing Volunteer Job Descriptions

Writing volunteer responsibilities can be the hardest part about putting together a volunteer job description for Children’s Ministry. 

Job Description, Volunteers, Recruiting, Hiring
All Access Making Children's Ministry Attractive to Volunteers

Looking for ideas about recruiting, training, and keeping volunteers? Here are ten great ways you can be an attractive children's ministry to potential volunteers!

All Access Recruiting Volunteers: Who and How to Recruit

Learn 3 important steps to take when recruiting volunteers. 

Recruiting, Volunteers
All Access Sublist: Deep & Wide

Recruiting is difficult, but your ministry can begin to have a waiting list of volunteers if you make a Deep and Wide Sublist.

Recruiting, Sublist
All Access Summer Camp Manual

This is an amazing planning manual compiled by CP Team member Scott Phillips to help those tasked with the job of planning a summer camp.

Summer Camp Planning
Free Summer Lovin: Recruiting Volunteers

Short on volunteers this summer? Here's what we did to recruit volunteers to step in and serve!

Recruiting Summer Volunteers
All Access The Art of Being Mentored

Learn how to be mentored and who you should pursue as a mentor.

Leadership, Mentor, Development, Intern
All Access Training New Leaders

How do you train new leaders? There are many different methods for training new leaders for your ministry, but here are several steps that are each an essential part of every leadership training. The following steps will help guide you as you train your new leaders.  

New Leaders, Training
All Access Training Youth to Become Children's Ministry Leaders

Steps to train youth to help them become outstanding children's ministry leaders.

Training, Youth
All Access Volunteer "Benefit Package"

Preparing your "benifit package" for your volunteers

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