Kidmin Talk #028 - April 24, 2012


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Why, Oh, Why?

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ABC's of KIDOLOGY: The Letter "W" = WHY?

MBWA = Management By Walking Around

The Importance of Asking "WHY?"

Schedule a "WHY WEEK?"

Evaluate Programs: Do the results match up with the stated purpose?

Evaluate everything - ask "why" with room use, procedures, policies, everything.

Ask people "Why?"

Look at how you spend your time, ask "Why am I doing this?"

What wouldn't be missed if I stopped doing it?

Why aren't ? (praying more? discipling? visiting? shepherding? training?)


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This week featured:

I Wonder Why from Craig's Kids - available on Kidology

Y Not 2 Day? Righteous Pop Music (Vol. 1) from



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