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If you would prefer to donate via PayPal, you may do so here. However, when donating via PayPal, please be sure to use the Friends and Family option. If you pay without using this option, Kidology will be charged a fee, which will then be charged back to you. In order to save the extra fee, please choose Friends and Family prior to submitting your payment/donation.

Kidology is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in state of Illinois. Please keep your PayPal reciept for tax purposes.


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You can cancel this at any time via your PayPal account. Or contact for assistance.

PayPal has stopped offering recurring donations through the donation button, but recommends using the subscription feature to receive monthly donations.

OPTION ONE: One time donation, you can set the amount.


OPTION TWO: Reoccuring donation. Select the amount from the options offered. For security reasons, PayPal doesn't allow the customer to set the value of reoccuring donations, so a few options are offered. If you would like to set up a monthly donation for an amount not offered below, please contact us and let us know the amount you would like to donate monthly, and we'll add it to the otions. Thanks for your support.

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Note, your recept will say as that is the site that we primarily use PayPal for, but we have linked it here for those who want to donate to Kidology via PayPal or set up a monthly donation.

PayPal will not permit us to have two verified accounts nor to change the name - but rest assured, your donation goes directly to support (As do all donations on

Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Karl Bastian
Founder, Kidology Inc.
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