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The greatest threat to a kidmin leader's spiritual health can be ministry itself.

We go into children's ministry because of a Calling to reach and teach kids for Jesus. But soon we can find ourselves buried in administration, recruiting, policy-writing, event planning, budget management, program running, and so much more. Our walk with God and the health of our family and other key relationships can suffer.

This Zone is dedicated to resources to help you keep healthy spiritually as you serve the Lord!

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Free Horribly Embarrassing Ministry Mess-up? Here's What to Do When It Happens to You

Sometimes it seems like some mistakes signal the end of your ministry! Fear not. Here's how your ministry gaffes can lead to growth.

Leadership, Mistakes, Growth
All Access How Do We Train Our Kids to Stand Firm?

Our kids are not being crushed by atheism they are being seduced by secularism, materialism, and individualism.

Standing Firm in Adversity
All Access How I Turned My Ministry into a Family Ministry

When the church and the home are working together, we will have more success in making disciples of our kids.

Family Ministry
All Access How to CRUSH your Goals This Year

6 ways you can succeed in reaching your goals, any time of year!

Goals, New Year
Starter How to Deal with a Burnt Out Volunteer

Discover 3 ways to help your volunteers through burn-out. 

Volunteer Burn Out
Free How To Hear God's Voice

Why does listening matter so much?

Hearing God's Voice
Free How to Partner with Parents

Suggestions for how you can be prepared to partner with parents. 

Partnering with Parents
All Access How to Remove Biblical Illiteracy from your Ministry

Help children connect with the Bible on a daily basis. 

Biblical Accuracy
Free How To Talk To Kids About Tragedy

How do you talk kids through the tragic times in their lives?

Leadership, Tragedy, Counseling
Free How We Squeeze The Life Out Of Our Message

How do we keep the message fun and relevant, while making sure our message is clear?

Healthy Ministry
Free Is Excellence Killing the Church?

Why we need more good churches and fewer excellent ones.

Relationships, Discipleship, Leadership
All Access Jesus Isn't White

Does race or skin color matter when it comes to Jesus?

Free Knowing God's Voice Comes from Knowing God's Word

How do we move from reverence for the Bible to actually reading the Bible?

Knowing God
Free Leading from the Middle

David wasn't always the top dog. Mark Harper shares five lessons from David's life on how to lead from the middle.

Leadership, Influence
All Access Lessons Learned... or Learning

When you go through a rough patch, do you turn FROM God, or TO Him?

Struggles, Relying on God
All Access Ministry Goal Fails - What Now?

What To Do When You Fail to Accomplish Your Children’s Ministry Goals

Ministry Goals
Free Ministry Lessons Learned from Underwear and a ToyBox

What does shopping for underwear and a toybox full of toys teach us about ministry and welcoming people? 

Ministry, Environment, Welcoming People
All Access Ministry Problems--Is It Plugged in?

Call a tech helpdesk and one of the first questions asked is “Is it plugged in?” Duh, yes. But, oh wait, let me make sure ...

Personal Growth, Relationships
All Access New Year: Getting to Know the Kids in Your Class

How do you help the kids feel welcome and connected when the new year starts?

Relationships, New School Year
Free Pastor as Leader

 Pastor, Your Leadership Matters More Than You Think.

Pastoral Leadership
All Access Predator Proofing Your Organization - Webinar Recap Part 1

This 2-part series was designed to provide leaders of child and youth-focused organizations with the most current information on protecting their organizations from predators.

Child Safety and Security
All Access Predator Proofing Your Organization - Webinar Recap Part 2

This 2-part series was designed to provide leaders of child and youth-focused organizations with the most current information on protecting their organizations from predators.

Child Safety and Security
All Access Pressing In

Stop trying to do life without Jesus. 

Jesus is all we need
All Access Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.

All Access Responding to Negative Feedback

A negative comment about you have said or done is not the end of the world, but it often feels like it. Craig Jutila encourages you to move on and make something constructive out of the situation.

Leadership, Criticism
All Access Six Ways to Motivate Your Team in Challenging Times

Here are six ideas to build an engaged and motivated team no matter the circumstances.

All Access Social Distancing & The Church - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

How do I teach “Go To Church” when the church doors are closed?

Being the Church
All Access Task Management is for Everyone

4 Reasons you may be having an issue with Task Management.   

Task Management
Free The 4 Dragons of Ministry

When did ministry become a job? Find out how to kill the dragons before they kill you spiritually.

All Access The Beauty of Approachability

If you're only focused on ministry and not people, then you're missing one of your greatest callings.

Welcoming, Attitude
Free The Single Greatest Recruitment Tool for Kidmin

After years and years of ministry, I have discovered that there is no greater tool for recruiting volunteers for children's ministry.

Leadership, Prayer, Recruitment
All Access There Is No Such Thing As A 'Pastor's Kid'

You need to treat the 'pastor's kids' the same as every other sinner.

Pastor's Kids
All Access Three Questions for a Healthier Children's Ministry

Here's a few questions to help you gauge the health of your Children's Ministry.

All Access Through the Eyes of a Child

12 short but meaningful tips on how to be a thoughtful teacher of children.

Relating to Children
All Access Toxic Church? Take These Steps!

If you're in a toxic church environment, here are some steps you can take to improve or remove yourself from it. 

Toxicity in a Church
All Access Training Kids to be Truthful and Kind

Are your kids meat-eaters and bone-spitters? We need to train them in clarity and charity. 

Truth and Kindness
Free Training Volunteers in the 21st Century

Don't have time for volunteer training? Think again. Use these tips to fit it into any schedule...and get a great turn out too!

Volunteer Training
All Access What a Difference a Smile Makes!

Do you smile enough? Do you smile at the kids in your ministry enough? Read here about the benefits of smiling...for you and those around you.

Smiling, Divorce
All Access What do you think of when you think about God?

How do we disciple kids in such a way that they love Jesus more as a result?

Gospel, Gratitude
All Access What Makes You Cry?

Do you cry? You should. Read why.

Crying Righteous Tears
All Access What Type of Kids' Pastor Are You?

All Access When Should the Significant Other Start Disciplining the Kids?

Many children's pastors and children's ministry volunteers want to help single parents and families. Here's helpful advice on who should discipline and how.

Divorce, Single Parenting, Discipline
All Access When You Say 'Easy', They Hear 'Unimportant'

Are you making it too 'easy' for volunteers? Maybe it's time to challenge them. 

Recruiting, Training Volunteers
All Access When You Wake Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Divorce Ministry
All Access Why I Never Liked January

Since when are goals only for January? You can set goals any time of year... like now!

Goal Setting, Leadership
All Access Why Isn't It Working?

Despite all our best efforts, the kids in your ministry sometimes still stray from the faith. How can we as leaders help keep kids on the right path?

Salvation, Evangelism
Free Why Online Church is Not Church

Is church still church if it's online?

What is the Church?
All Access Your Worst Teacher is Better than the Best Video

Videos are fun, but live teachers are better... even the bad ones!

Free Jesus is ALWAYS the Best Choice!

It’s always fun to get the last laugh!

Prophesy - With Kids In Mind
Starter Making the Complex Simple and FUN!

Encourage your children and families this year with Biblical proof of how AMAZING Jesus is by showing the prophesies he fulfilled!

Prophesy - With Kids In Mind
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