The Kids Church Cookbook

Kids Church CookbookThe Kids Church Cookbook cooks up Karl Bastian's secrets for what it takes to be a Chef of the Word of God -- and he should know, having served up over 1,000 Kids Church services! This resource is loaded with insightful instruction and practical training that will help both beginners and veterans.

There is no other training tool for Children's Church like this. Featuring 7 detailed chapters, each with a companion instructional video, The Kids Church Cookbook equips you to create children's church services that kids love.

Each chapter is idea-packed and training-rich as the "main course," as well as a "side dish" consisting of a 15+ minute Training Video.

Kids Church Cookbook

Filmed on location in a custom kitchen showroom, each chapter of The Kids Church Cooking Show showcases a training topic related to children's ministry, including ballooning, magic, puppetry, games, object lessons, and more! These downloadable videos not only can help train you, but can also be shown to others in your church ministry. It's children's ministry "edutainment" at its best.





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 Overview of Sections 1-7

Here's an overview of each installment of The Kids Church Cookbook:

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 1 1. Called to be a Chef of God's Word
    The Foundation to a Fantastic Children's Church Experience

    This introductory unit establishes your role as a Chef of God's Word and lays the foundation for the rest of the book. It is loaded with tips and secrets on planning, launching and running a successful children's church as well as addressing the issue of whether or not to have a kids church in the midst of a resurgence of emphasis on family ministry.

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 2 2. Setting the Mood
    Creating an Environment that Engages Children
    Learn how to create an atmosphere where kids can't help but learn. Develop your personal presence, tips regarding discipline, and how to promote and launch your children's church service.

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 3 3. Developing the Recipe
    Writing Solid Biblical Lessons; Becoming Curriculum Independent
    Curriculum has its place, but should not be a crutch. After this unit, all you will ever need to teach children will be a Bible! Learn how to create powerful lessons from any passage of scripture. Your presentation skills will be transformed as you learn how to develop your own recipes and formulate your own "secret sauce."

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 4 4. Choosing Ingredients
    The Seasonings that Bring Your Lessons to Life
    Learn how to bring your lesson to life! Discover the best ingredients for Kids Church, many often overlooked. If videos are your primary tool, your kids are missing out on tastier ways of learning. A whole smorgasbord of ideas awaits you!

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 5 5. Getting Creative
    Unleashing Your Own Personal Creativity
    Especially for those who don't think they are creative, this installment will have your brain exploding with ideas. Learn the secrets of creative people. This unit includes an EXCLUSIVE INVENTION of Karl's that will help even the most uncreative person create amazing lessons out of thin air!

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 6
    6. The Kitchen Crew
    Developing Your Upper Elementary Children into Leaders Developing kids into leaders has been the hallmark of Karl's Kids Church for over 15 years. Learn what happens back in the kitchen to get kids in charge, as well as how to engage parents and other adults to help in children's church.

    Kids Church Cookbook - Part 6 7. Menu Planning
    Advance Planning and Every Lesson You'll Ever Need!
    No longer will you be planning a week or month ahead. A true Chef has a master plan for the spiritual health of the children in his or her care. This final unit will equip you to develop a master strategy for making disciples of the children in your stewardship. Kids Church may be fun, but now it will be strategic as well.


Available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD in the Kidology Store.
(273 Page Training PDF, plus seven 15+ minute videos and bonus materials.)

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