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Wordless Book Hamburger

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Author/Source: Naomi Bourgeois

Topic: Salvation

This is a twist on the typical "Wordless Book" salvation object lesson.

Wordless Book Hamburger

Instead of using black, white, red, gold, and green sheets of paper as in the traditional "Wordless Book" illustration...use the parts of a hamburger. Bun = white (As in when God made the world, we were pure...but then there was a problem...) Meat = dark (As in sin...) Tomato = red (As in Jesus' blood that paid the price for our sins...) Mayo = white (When we accept Jesus as our savior, he makes us clean again...) Cheese = gold (As in the streets of heaven, where we get to go one day if we know Jesus as our Savior...) Lettuce = green (As in we need to GROW in Christ by praying, going to church, and reading our Bibles...)

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