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Volunteer Recruitment is Best Through Relationships

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Author/Source: Todd McKeever

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Become more relational with your volunteers while recruiting.

Many of us may have heard a time or two that “Ministry travels the road of relationships.” This was made clear to me again while traveling through a toy store with my family looking for Nerf guns and foam planes (to fly through the sanctuary, hallways, and all). When I turned into one aisle, I bumped into some small group leaders who had just asked me a couple weeks ago if they could take a break. I agreed of course and blessed them.

I came to find out that not only were they taking a break, but they had left the church for those couple of weeks to try out new churches. During this whole time, they were missing the small group that they led for me, the fun they would have had, the relationship building exercises we did once a month, the notes I would send them, and the team meals we would enjoy with one another. Seeing me shop for the new foam planes, plus getting into a Nerf sword dual while each wearing different hats (like a Viking hat, or a hot dog hat, or the hamburger hat that were there in the toy store) just continued to remind them of the great relationship we had all built over time.

Imagine that! God used me, shopping for Nerf guns and foam planes, to confirm in their hearts that the right place for them was with the kids in my church. It was the relationships with kids and the team of adult volunteers that pulled them back into the ministry.

When you recruit potential volunteers, share stories such as these about workers who have great relationships not only with kids but with one another. Encourage your volunteers to tell others their stories about relationships to motivate people to seriously consider children's ministry as a vital place to serve in the church.

A while ago I heard someone give this bit…”Volunteering is kind of like salvation itself -- it's such a great blessing that my only natural reaction is to want to share it with others."

Is this how you feel? Have you created a children’s ministry volunteer team that has fun with one another, and who have built those strong lasting relationships as they serve together and one another?

Allow me to give you a charge to go from here and find five volunteers that you will pour into - tell stories, create fun, and spend time with them, allowing them to create memories and then to invest into others as you have invested into them.

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