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Your Salvation Story

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Author/Source: Pastor Karl Bastian, the Kidologist

Topic: How To Write a Testimony

This is a guide on how to prepare a written salvation testimony with the Kidologist's as a sample. Written for kids, but good for all ages. See the PDF for printing and the sample.

By Pastor Karl Bastian

We’d like to know how you began your relationship with Jesus. Everyone has a different story of how they met Jesus, and that story is called your testimony. Your testimony is more than just “I asked Jesus in my heart when I was seven.” Your testimony is a STORY – it includes details from before you got saved, how you got saved, and what has happened since. Write it as though you are writing a story and the person reading it has never heard of church, or the Bible, or Jesus! After they finish reading your story, they should know everything they need to know to accept Jesus too! In fact, many people have become Christians after reading or hearing someone’s testimony! So get out some paper and a pen, or better yet, type it out on your computer where it is easier to edit as you go along. Tell your salvation story, which is know as your “testimony”, using the following outline:

You don’t have to answer these questions in order, but they are the kind of information you want to include somewhere in your testimony. It should be at least two pages, but probably no more than four or five. (Unless you have a really exciting story!)

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