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Thanksgiving PIT Game

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Thanksgiving Game

This is a Thanksgiving version of the popular PIT game by Parker Brothers... and the kids will gobble it up!

Here is a fun Thanksgiving Game. Imagine over 100 kids in a massive circle calling out "ONE! ONE!" or "TWO! TWO!" and some crying, "Oh, NO! Not the GIMMIE! GIMMIE!" Kids will gobble this game up! It may just become an annual tradition! One of my favorite Parker Brothers games is Pit. Introduced in 1904, Pit remains the best and most lively card game that can be played by kids of any age. It is a loud and active game because the players simply are in a circle or around a table trying to trade cards to get all of the same. You can trade any amount of matching cards, a pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, etc., but can only call out the number you are trading, "FIVE! FIVE!" and can trade with someone also trading the same amount as you, without looking at your trades until after you have traded. In Pit, there is also a 'Bear' and a 'Bull' card which can help or hurt you depending on different situations. Here is an adaptation that can be played with a small classroom of 5 or more, or up to over 100 kids!

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You can also purchase the GIMMIE! GIMMIE! Thanksgiving Game in the Kidology Store, which was adapted from this post and does the creative legwork for you!

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