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We have several Zones specifically for various holidays, but we've compiled ALL the holiday ideas in one place so they can be found year round, since many holiday ideas have applications throughout the year.

(After all, we should be thankful all year, and love our moms all year, and celebrate Jesus all year, right?)

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All Access Christians Are Like Pumpkins

Christians are really like pumpkins.

Christian Life
All Access Christmas Monologues

Monologues of the Magi, Mary, and a Shepherd about Jesus' birth.

All Access Cleansing Heart

Kids will learn that when they confess their sins and "bring it to the cross" that Jesus wipes away their sins.

God's Awesome Love
All Access Cornucopia of Thanks

A cornucopia made out of paper plates which has a pocket full of thanks.

All Access Donuts for Dads / Tie Craft

A Father's Day craft that can be used as a way to reach out to Dads who normally will not come to church.

Father's Day
All Access Easter Children's Message

Use cleaning supplies to talk about making things clean, and "justification" being the lesson of Easter.

All Access Easter Egg Verse Relay

The kids will gain a greater knowledge of Easter Bible verses while playing a fun game related to Easter.

All Access Easter PowerPoint Game

This is a simple matching game reviewing the symbols of Easter, similar to the “Resurrection Eggs”.

All Access Easter Songs

Here are some fun and easy Easter songs written for children that are easy to sing using familiar tunes.  

All Access Easter Treasure Hunt

Instead of hunting for meaningless bunnies and eggs, kids hunt for items related to the true story of Jesus and His resurrection.

Easter Story
All Access Easy Instant Skits

I have found an easy way to do holiday skits with the kids.

Holiday Skits
All Access Fall Fun Fest

An example of an alternative outreach other than Trick or Treating on Halloween.

Alternative to Trick or Treating
All Access Father's Day Card and Craft

Fun and easy craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access Feeding the Homeless

Raising money to feed the homeless

All Access Flag Parade

Using kids in your worship service to commemorate a patriotic holiday.

All Access Freedom / 4th of July PowerPoint

Text and PowerPoint flashcards for 4th of July lesson.

All Access Fright Night

A quick puppet skit about how God does not want us to be afraid of the witches, ghosts, and other scary things that go on around Halloween.

All Access Fruits of the Spirit Cornucopia

Every Thanksgiving, our third graders make a Cornucopia basket and fruit from construction paper. This can be done for the whole month, even as a side project from the regular lesson, or it can be the lesson itself.

Galatians 5:22
All Access Fun for Halloween

Some options for those who like to dress up in costumes for Halloween...

Halloween Outreach
Starter George Washington 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation full text and background information

All Access Give me some more of that sweet stuff!

We need to be like a PEZ dispenser and always dispense sweet things out of our mouths.

Christian Life
All Access God Wants You To Be Brand New!

Without Jesus we are broken and incomplete, but He wants to make us brand new. This lesson teaches where a new life in Christ begins. It can be used for a New Year's Eve event at your church. The attached PowerPoint can also be used to emphasize that "God Wants You to be Brand New".

All Access God's First Valentines: Adam and Eve

I wanted to explain how God was proud and loved Adam and Eve before they ate the fruit. I also wanted the children to feel how God felt when he was disappointed but he still loved them both.

How God Forgives
Free Goofy Golf

April 22 is Earth Day. Take the day to teach kids what the BIBLE says about taking care of God’s Creation.

Earth Day Fun
Starter Halloween Alternative Ideas for Family Fun

Halloween can be a special family time for the Christian family. Here are some suggestions for making this time more meaningful. Perhaps these suggestions will be helpful in building your own family traditions. Just try one or two this year.

Family Harvest Ideas
All Access Halloween Treats

Ideas for treats to give away at Halloween.

Halloween Treats

Throughout our nation's history there have been champions of freedom who bore a dramatic influence in the rise of freedom in America.

All Access He's Alive!

These PowerPoint slides can be used to present the whole gospel story from beginning to end. Special sound effects are also included.

All Access Holiday Poem Contest

Holidays / Fun
All Access Honoring those who Serve our Country

How to involve our children in blessing veterans and servicemen/women.

Honoring Servicemen & Women
All Access I Just Don't Understand

Short puppetry skit about why it's important to honor God during the Fall season and not give in to the world, which celebrates the pagan holiday of Halloween.

Starter Ideas for 4th of July

Songs, activities, and scripture surround the theme of "God Bless America" with the Fourth of July as the holiday.

Patriotic Holidays
All Access Interactive Easter Puppet Show

Two puppets and lots of action apply the lessons learned from the Resurrection Eggs idea into real life for kids.

Easter Children's Church Program
All Access Invitation to a Christmas Party

You are cordially invited to A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!! Guest of Honor: Jesus Christ Date: Every day. Traditionally, December 25 but He's always around, so the date is flexible... Time: Whenever you're ready.

All Access Know Well Noel - Game Show Skit

A game show skit involving 3 contestants who are tested on their knowledge of Jesus' birth.

All Access Memorial Day PowerPoint Sermon

Quiz and discussion slides to teach Memorial Day

Memorial Day
All Access Memorial Day PowerPoint Word Search

Memorial Day
All Access Momma Taught me a LOT!

Humorous look at the things we learn from mom  

Mother's Day
All Access Mother's Mind Mender

Mother invents a machine that reads thoughts and wishes she never did. Shows the importance of watching our thoughts as well as our words.  

All Access Night Before Christmas (Legally)

Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain improved piece of real property (hereinafter "the House") a general lack of stirring by all creatures therein, including, but not limited to a mouse.

Christmas Humor
All Access Outreach to Trick-or-Treaters and their Families

Unique way to reach out to trick-or-treaters and their families.

All Access Paper Bag Tombs

We used this for our Easter Craft at our midweek children's club Easter Celebration in 2005. Not too easy for little ones. Takes a bit of time.

Easter Craft
All Access Patriotic Party!

Throw a patriotic party in May, June, or July!

American History
All Access PJ Bash

Everyone comes dressed in their PJ's for a fun night of games & devotion.

Fun alternate Thanksgiving activity
All Access PreSchool Craft/Turkey Thanks

Kids trace their hand and write things for which they are thankful.

All Access Pretzel Sunday

A unique idea to use on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. It can be a reminder to others of the meaning of Lent.

Sunday before Ash Wednesday
All Access Reader's Theater about O Little Town of Bethlehem

A reading for four people about the origins of the song, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

All Access Red Sunday

With Valentine's Day around the corner, here is an idea inspired by the color red.

Valentine's Day Idea
All Access St. Patrick's Day for Kids

Why should children celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? This lesson includes his story, a PowerPoint lesson, and song that will give children a reason why this is an important holiday for the church. We can learn many lessons from the life of St. Patrick about listening to God, obedience, evangelism, and forgive others who treat us unkindly.  

Holiday, Evangelism, Forgiving Others, Kindness
All Access Sticker Fun

Place stickers on each other and tell why you are thankful.

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