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We have several Zones specifically for various holidays, but we've compiled ALL the holiday ideas in one place so they can be found year round, since many holiday ideas have applications throughout the year.

(After all, we should be thankful all year, and love our moms all year, and celebrate Jesus all year, right?)

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All Access Resurrection Eggs

Great lesson for childrens ministry

All Access Resurrection Trail

A wonderful family and outreach opportunity to see, touch, hear, and even smell and taste the truths of the Resurrecetion. Not difficult to implement and so worthwhile! It's the "Resurrection Eggs" come to life...

All Access Shining Easter Egg Hunt

Spreading the light of Jesus using flashlights.

All Access Special Journey to Bethlehem

We are from three separate catholic churches in the same town- none of us has a special needs program - we got together and for the first time for the sake of the kids we worked together to plan a program making use of people from all three parishes-

Sppecial needs Advent/c\Christmas
All Access surprise the guys!

Dad's Rootbeer encourages our dads!

Father's Day
All Access Telling the C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. Story

Each letter of the word 'CHRISTMAS' is used to tell the Christmas story.

All Access The 12 Days of Christmas

This is a cute song that you can have a lot of fun with!! To the tune of The 12 days of Christmas.

Christmas Song
All Access The Christmas Tree

A decorated Christmas tree is used to teach some important truths about Christmas.

All Access The Greatest Story Ever Told!

A puppet wants the Big Studio to make a movie about the King of Kings. Wanna hear his pitch?

All Access The resurrection of Christ

Here is a close up object lesson on the resurrection that is certain to amaze your class.

The resurrection
All Access Unbreakable Egg Contest

Fun with eggs for older kids .

All Access Valentine's Day Origin

Food for Thought on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
All Access Wash Cloth Bunny Basket

Great Easter craft

All Access We Are Love Lights

We are the light of the world.

All Access What's In Your Basket (lesson for older kids)

What is in your basket that you can share?

All Access Why is Christmas a Party?

Want a great idea to use in kids church or at a Christmas outreach for kids?

Christmas Fun
All Access You can't keep Jesus Down!

A simple (cheap!) object lesson illustrating the resurrection.

Starter Easter Family Pack

A Fun Family Easter Kit to send home.  

Easter Family Home Kit
All Access A LEGO Nativity

LEGO people, one and all, come to worship the newborne babe...

All Access Bible Character Monologues

These are four monologues that can been done separately or in succession. Judas, Mary (once at the cross and another at the empty tomb), and Thomas.

All Access Christmas Through The Years

Christmas Through The Years is a skit about the emptiness of chasing our own dreams. Molly Richards becomes the Queen of Rock and Roll, only to find that inside she's the Queen of Emptiness. After running from God for years, when she reaches rock bottom she final gets saved.  

All Access CSI Jerusalem

Play looking at the evidence of Jesus' resurrection

Easter resurrection
All Access Easter Links: Countdown to Easter

Use these Easter jokes, thoughts and activites to help your kids focus on Easter.

All Access Freedom: A Fourth of July PowerPoint

A Patriotic lesson on Freedom

4th of July, Freedom, Independence Day, & Romans 6
All Access Mother's Day Rap

We wrote and performed this rap because we wanted to do something special yet different for all our moms. It was a huge success and the kids LOVED it!

Mother's Day Presentation
All Access Old Stuff Roadshow

Using a format similar to PBS' Antiques Roadshow, this script will look at the Easter Story in a unique, creative way. It could be preformed as a drama, puppet show, or prerecorded videotape presentation.

All Access Personalized Easter Seek and Find

Find the words for verse Romans 5:8 in the seek and find.

Easter Seek and Find
All Access Stuck on Christmas

The Sandwich Shop & Stuck on Christmas are two skits designed to introduce Awana T&T clubbers to all of the verses in T&T's Start Zone. Stuck on Christmas is is a wacky Christmas special, which is designed to be performed at any time of the year.  

All Access Three Hearts One Love

Proposition: Because our heart is wicked, Jesus changes our hearts Big Idea: Our Hearts are yucky and empty without Jesus

Valentines Day
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 47

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this first episode Zechariah learns his wife will have a son who will be named John who will announce the arrival of the Savior of the World!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 48

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this second episode, Joseph proposes to Mary with his Donkey 4000, just before both learn that God has a very special plan for their first baby!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 49

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this third episode, the shepherds learn that a very special baby has been born!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 50

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this fourth episode, Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem, and after struggling to find a place to stay, Baby Jesus is finally born!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 51

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this fifth and final episode, the Wisemen see a sign in the sky and begin their journey to meet a little boy named Jesus!

Christmas Countdown!
Free The Polar Express Movie Review

The Polar Express promises to be a true family movie and a Christmastime classic.

Movie Review
All Access A Kernel of Thanks

Meal or class idea using a kernel of corn as a reminder to be thankful for what we have.

All Access A Mother's Dream

This funny puppet show is the exact opposite of how most kids fight. A lesson is on accepting responsibility for mistakes.  

Taking Responsibility
All Access A Thanksgiving Lesson

This is a complete Thanksgiving lesson including an Ice Breaker, a skit, and a puppet script.

Starter Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Not many people realize that Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving and made it an official holiday. Here is the speech from when he did it.

All Access Advent Family Materials

Worship the King Advent Materials

All Access After Thanksgiving Cookbook

Children submit recipes explaining how their mothers cooked Thanksgiving dishes. Comical.

All Access Balloon Turkey

Make a turkey craft using a rubber glove.

All Access Be Thankful

Poem about being thankful for every situation you're facing.

All Access Bring an Umbongo!

Umbongo is an African word which means a present which we give to another person to express our thanks to them. Why not bring an Umbongo this Sunday as you come to Sunday School?

All Access Candy Cane Christmas

A single puppet skit to teach children how a candy cane reminds us of Jesus.

All Access Cards For the Troops

Send kid-created cards to servicemen & women

Patriotic, Armed Forces
All Access Celebrate a little early

An idea for an early Thanksgiving service at church.

Giving Thanks
All Access Cemetery Night

A clever way to present the Gospel on Halloween night. Biblical references are used to disprove the lies Satan and his demons tell us.

Gospel message
All Access Chaplain's Assistant

Using a Army Chaplain in your kid's church

4th of July Service
All Access Christians Are Like Pumpkins

Christians are really like pumpkins.

Christian Life
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