Place Jesus in the Manger Game


Everything you need is here to play this fun twist on a classic children's party game - but for Christmas!

This is similar to the classic party game, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Here is how to apply it with the materials provided in this download.

Set Up: Print out the manger sheet. If you have a lot of kids, print out several and have as many stations as you have volunteers to staff them. Included is a bonus 11x17 inch version in case you are able to print in that larger size. Kids should stand behind a line about five feet away from the manger. Place it about the same height as their shoulder. If kids vary widely in height, place it just below the average height. Print a Jesus figure for each child. If you have time, they can write their name on their Jesus to mark theirs, but this is optional, and does add to the time.

Supplies Needed: Tape for the Jesus figures to make them stick to the manger or wall. Poster putty or a way to stick the manger to the wall. Be careful not to damage the wall. For blind folds, the best are to order sleeping masks. They are very affordable on 

Game Play: Cover the child's eyes, spin them around two times and then point them toward the manger. They hold the Baby Jesus out in front of them with one hand and the other hand goes behind their back. They are not allowed to feel around on the wall, they are to stick the Jesus to the wall the first place it touches. Then, they remove the blind fold to see how they did. Part of the fun is seeing where Jesus ended up. Have fun with it. "Jesus is on the floor!" or "Jesus is floating in the air!" or "Jesus is outside with the cows." or "Wow! You did it!"

Winner? While you certainly can award a prize to the child or children who get the closest, since it is a game of luck, I prefer to have no winners, but just allow it to be a fun activity to introduce the lesson and reward every child for playing with a good attitude. Let them keep their Baby Jesus as a souvenir of the game.

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