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Getting children to understand spiritual truth is like threading a needle...

It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for...

I don't mean to string you along, or hem you in, but the point of this Zone is to thread together all of the object lessons we've knitted together in this site. So don't get all wound up or get yourself in a ball just cut loose and tie these object lessons into the next yarn you are teaching. I know these puns are piercing, but like the man of the cloth said, "You reap what you sew!" Or sew they say!

See also: Why I Believe In Object Lessons by Barney Kinard

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All Access Recharge your batteries

Christian Life
All Access Red Rover, Red Rover ....let Satan come over

Christian Life
All Access Right with God

We get into arguments with our friends sometimes and forgive each other. God does the same for us!

All Access Rock or Roll

All Access Romans 12:2

A story that helps children understand that their brain is poluted by the world we live in and it must be renewed (cleaned) daily with the Word of God and prayer

Christian Living
All Access Sand or Rock? What will you build your life house on?

We need to build our lives on Jesus, a firm foundation.

All Access Satan's fishin' trip

Christian Life
All Access Sealed in

Assurance of salvation.

All Access Searching for Clues

Christian Life
All Access See the Wind Blow!

Christian Life
All Access Seek Ye First Object Lesson

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be given to you.


Fruit of the Spirit
All Access Silly Socks

Use four different socks to show children how to get to heaven

All Access Sin Is A Trap

Christian Life
All Access Sin Stain

Handling sin stains our lives.

All Access Sin Stinks

Don't cover or hide your sin. Confess your sins to God who can clean you.

All Access Sink or Float?

God gives us instructions for our lives. Be sure to follow them because we don't want to be sinking Christians.

All Access So Clean You Can Lick the Bowl!

All Access Something from Nothing

All Access Something To Hold On To


This game show skit will get your kids involved, and put them on the floor laughing. You can perform it as a puppet skit or as a live skit using your drama team. Or you could take it to the streets and get a community involved. You will need the following: Jesus and costume, three contestants and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!

All Access Spiritual Scissors

Christian Life
All Access Standing up under pressure.

When pressure - hardships, troubles, problems, etc. - comes upon us, the person who knows Jesus is able to keep standing.

All Access Staying in the center of God's will.

The Holy Spirit keeps us in the center of God's will.

Holy Spirit
All Access Stuck On God!

All Access Substitution

All Access Sucked In

Christian Life
All Access Sweet or Sour?

All Access Take Jesus Back To School With You

All Access Take the Taste Test!!!

I cannot describe God to you anymore than I can describe a soda to you. You must try for yourself. The only way to try God for yourself is to be born again and become a Christian!

Christian Life
All Access Take Time to Rest!

God wants to GIVE you rest.

Free Talk on The Incredibles

How to use The Incredibles to build up your kids!

Using a Movie
All Access Tame That Tongue

What we say can affect our joy.

All Access Taming the Tongue

This is a great lesson for all ages. It shows how the bad things that come out of our mouths pollute the good things too.

James 3:9-11
All Access Tarnish of Sin

Christian Life
All Access Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Teaching children how they can know for themselves that God's promises are good.

The promises of God
All Access Tear The Paper

We should accept God's will and live under His rulership, not our own.  

All Access Temptation

Christian Life
All Access That Silly, Annoying VCR

You may be able to “fiddle with the remote” of your life and get that “blinking light” (your conscience) to stop blinking, but you will surely miss out on all the other blessings, including eternity with the Savior.

All Access The Amazing Fyling Machine

All Access The Cleansing Power of the Lord

When we ask and allow the Lord to enter our heart, He will cleanse us of our sins.

All Access The Complete Picture

A church is a picture of God. When you look at a church you should be able to see the image of God. The people need to work together as a group to make the church become the picture of God.

All Access The Computer Desk

All Access The Fair Distribution of Food

Christian Life
All Access The Fall of Adam & Eve

The lesson on Adam and Eve eating the fruit.

All Access The Finest Perfume (Mother's Day)

All Access The FISHTANK

This is a journal entry of mine that I am going to use in kids church. Have fun with it, and add some of your thoughts and ideas when teaching it!:-)

All Access The Gift of Grace

A object lesson that helps kids learn about God's gace.

Grace, Kindness, Salvation
All Access The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Everyone likes to be appreciated, even God.

All Access The Great Gift

God provides rewards for those who endure temptation and obey until the end.

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