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The "Creative Idea" Zone is kinda the "Everything Else" Zone. If it isn't an object lesson, or a craft, or a story, or a game, or a magic trick, or puppet script, or a... you get the idea... then it's HERE!

There are tons of great ideas in here, so surf to your heart's content. Or better yet, use the search tool to search by key word or topic. And be sure to submit YOUR great ideas!

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All Access Cleansing Heart

Kids will learn that when they confess their sins and "bring it to the cross" that Jesus wipes away their sins.

God's Awesome Love
Starter Coin Race

3-5 years olds will race to build a block tower by "buying" your blocks.

Betrayal, Following Jesus
Starter Dancing with the Stars

3-5 year olds will understand that things can be real even if you cannot see them.

Faith, Belief
All Access Do You Have Your Racing Armor On?

A comparrison of Ephesians 6:11-17 and a race driver's uniform and equipment. Also included is a "wordless book" using the flags that the race starter uses.

AWANA Grand Prix
All Access Donuts for Dads / Tie Craft

A Father's Day craft that can be used as a way to reach out to Dads who normally will not come to church.

Father's Day
All Access Easter Treasure Hunt

Instead of hunting for meaningless bunnies and eggs, kids hunt for items related to the true story of Jesus and His resurrection.

Easter Story
All Access Facing Our Giants

Learning the acronym GIANT can help children remember steps to take in dealing with their fears.

All Access Family Game Night

A fun-filled night for all ages! Easy prep work & great results. Mom, Dad, teen, and toddler, even Grandma & Grandpa will enjoy this event.

Family Ministry
All Access Fast-U-Can-See

Creating a fasting box to teach the kids about fasting in and to help them participate in our churchwide fast.

Kids & Fasting
All Access Father's Day Card and Craft

Fun and easy craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access Fear Factor Party

Used as a Halloween alternative or AWANA event for children.

Handling Fear
All Access Feeding the Homeless

Raising money to feed the homeless

Starter Fishing Game

3-5 year olds "fish" as a discussion starter for "fishing for men."

Making Disciples
Starter Follow the Leader!

3-5 years olds will play "Follow the Leader" while repeating the Big Idea.

Following Jesus, Discipleship, Betrayal
Starter From Clock Watchers to Time Keepers

Developing child leaders
All Access Fun Fair Summary

This is a basic overview of an annual outreach event. This was created to bring a new program director up-to-speed on what had been done in the past.

Outreach Event
All Access Fun for Halloween

Some options for those who like to dress up in costumes for Halloween...

Halloween Outreach
All Access Get a Kick Out of Sharing

Sponsored by World Vision, your kids can become good servants (and sharers) and get involved with missions to kids all around the world by "Getting a Kick Out of Sharing!"

All Access God's Garage decorations

I love free or almost-free decorating ideas. Here is how we pulled off fabulous VBS decorations with a cars and Route 66 theme for only $20!

Free Goofy Golf

April 22 is Earth Day. Take the day to teach kids what the BIBLE says about taking care of God’s Creation.

Earth Day Fun
All Access Grandparents to Remember

This poem may be used for Grandparents Day at church. The boys can quote grandpa's part while the girls say grandma's. Girls may wear aprons and boys straw hats. They also may hold objects that relate to the part being recited.

All Access Herod, the King Who Missed Christmas

PowerPoint visual story (with notes) about Herod, the king who missed Christmas.

Christmas Story
All Access Holiday Poem Contest

Holidays / Fun
All Access Hopscotch Bible Verse

Help kinesthetic learners memorize a Bible verse using hopscotch.

Memory Verse
All Access Household Bible Items for Missions

A simple idea to get families thinking about and supporting missions throughout the year.

Missions - Fund Raising
All Access I Love Candy Bars Skit

The difference between love and like as illustrated by candy bars.

All Access Imagine Being Used by God

Beginning of the year kick off event for Children's Ministry Volunteers, using the theme of "imagination" featuring typical children's toys and games.

Volunteer Team Motivation KickOff
Starter Is it Dinnertime Yet?

3-5 years olds will act out being hungry.

Poverty, Hunger
All Access Jacob Wrestles with God

The story of Jacob wrestling with God - video game style.

Jacob wrestles with God
All Access Jelly on Your Face

An excellent object lesson illustrating the power of the Word of God as a mirror to show us our sin and the need to ask for forgiveness

Confession of Sin
All Access Just Do It!

A short talk for kids on learning to pray without ceasing.

All Access Karl's Speed Stacks Lessons

Here are several different ways that you can use Speed Stacks in your ministry.  

Sport Stacking
All Access Kid City's Got Talent

A Kid's talent show for fun...

Fun Events
Starter Kids Book Template

Using this template and a poster board book cover, kids can write their own story and illustrate with their own artwork!

Allow kids to create their own story book!
All Access Kid's Church Jeopardy

"Jeopardy!" for kid's church

Game Show Like Games
All Access Kids' Festival Outreach Plan

Many have asked for ideas for outreach when your church is doing a festival-type outreach. Here are some ideas...

All Access Kiss a Fish

Offering Contest

Offering Contest
Starter Make Your Own Concentration Game

Printing these sheets of graphics on sticker paper means you have matching sets for your very own concentration game craft!

Kids can make their own concentration game!
All Access Mission Trip to Mexico

Take a mission trip to Mexico without ever leaving your church? It's absolutely possible, check out this article to find out how!

In-Building Missions Trip
All Access Missionary Pen Pals

Encourage children to be pen-pals with missionary kids. It will support the missionary kids and broaden your kids' world!

All Access Momma Taught me a LOT!

Humorous look at the things we learn from mom  

Mother's Day
All Access Narnia Adventure

Our Sunday Night Live (Elementary grades 1 - 5 children's ministry youth) group just finished a wonderful winter session in a "Great Narnia Adventure". We created a "Narnia" room from ceiling to floor with lots of cozy spaces for kids to nestle in. We listened to a dramatic reading of The Silver Chair (C.S. Lewis) on audiotape. We concluded each weekly segment with a short talk on Biblical comparisons and our great adventure with God. This room was really a favorite with the kids and helped us build many lasting memories and truths!

Creating a Narnia room & spiritual lessons
All Access Night Party

Overnight event with a "Jesus is the Light" theme.

Event / Outreach
All Access On Sale

The Sabbath is for worshiping God and resting.

All Access Oreo Wiggle

Kids make an Oreo slide from their forehead into their mouths by wiggling their nose/eyebrows

All Access Overnighter Schedule

This is the basic schedule we used for a New Year's Eve overnighter.

Starter Paper Nesting Doll Craft

Printable craft for a set of 3 nesting dolls you can color, or create your own design! Great for talking about the trinity, or family!

Color or Create your own set of Nesting Dolls
All Access Parable of the Talents Experience

Imagine your children getting a chance to live out the Parable of the Talents. Some will be wise, some will be foolish, but none of them will forget the lessons they will learn.One of the best ways for children to learn is when they experience something for themselves. Here is a great idea for your children’s church, kids club or special event where children get to act out the “parable of the talents”.

Lesson Reinforcement
Starter Pass It On

3-5 years olds will practice caring for the poor.

Poverty, Generosity
All Access Patriotic Party!

Throw a patriotic party in May, June, or July!

American History
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