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There are tons of great ideas in here, so surf to your heart's content. Or better yet, use the search tool to search by key word or topic. And be sure to submit YOUR great ideas!

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All Access Hand Print Flower

These are directions to make a flower with kids handprints.

All Access Hands Up!

Trying to get those busy Kindergarteners and Pre-K kids' attention? Here's a great one!

Classroom Management
All Access Having trouble getting people to show up on time?

Incentive to reward people for showing up on time to serve.

Volunteer Incentives
All Access How God Speaks to Us

Ten ways in which God speaks to us are listed and discussed.

Hearing from God
All Access Hurdles

This activity goes along with the story of the rich young ruler. It explores the activities or possessions that get in the way of the children putting God first.

All Access Is Your Name in God's Book of Life?

At our church we painted a very large (8' X 12') picture of a book on the back wall in our Kidz Worship Center. After any of our kidz accept Jesus into their hearts and are baptized they get to literally write their name on our "Book of Life." This generates lots of excitement with not only our kidz but also the parents.

Wall Mural
All Access Jar Shakers

Instructions for making noisemakers

All Access Jesus in My Heart

All you need is a heart-shaped cut out, tape and a drinking straw.

All Access Jonah and the Whale Craft

This reinforces the story of Jonah in the whale.

All Access Kids Church Olympic Games

We need to work hard to acheiver God's goal for our lives!

All Access Leaning Tower of CUPisa!

This is just a fun game the kids absolutely love! It's also very simple and inexpensive!

All Access Mad Lib - Matt 20:20-28; Mark 10:35-45

This game takes a 3rd person telling of James' and John's mom asking Jesus to one day let her kids sit on his right and left; and leaves out key words and replaces them with silly substitutes. I suggest doing it as a group and getting a different response from each child. I've put what to ask for in parenthesis along with any explanations) and then at the end I've written the entire story correctly.

Being Great in the Kingdom of God
All Access Magazine Christmas Trees

I have a craft night near Christmas. We make little Christmas trees out of Reader's Digest magazines.

All Access Making Ends Meet With Christ

By using the Christ figures sold as toys, children can make their own bookends.

All Access Mary & Martha Hour

Our Sunday School at St. Paul's Lutheran Church hosted a hospiality hour following worship.

All Access Mini Flannel Board

These are instructions to make a miniature flannel board.

All Access No Guessing Needed

A fun hands-on activity that demonstrates that guessing is not a sure thing - better to go with something dependable - God!

All Access Personal With Christ On Easter Eggs

Using either plastic or real eggs decorate eggs with the childrens names on them and some type of information from the bible, Example: The name of a Book, a person or place.

Egg Decoration
All Access Prayer Prints

This craft reminds kids of Prayer!

All Access Professor Noodlebrane Skit: The Sin Eliminator

Professor Noodlebrane learns that only Jesus can take away our sin. (Inspired by a toybox tale that is very similiar.)

All Access Project: Serve

Getting children involved in ministry is important! But sometimes, it is hard to do! This post will help you to understand how to get kids involved and active in your church!

Getting Kids Involved
All Access Riches Do Not Last Forever

Money doesn't last forever, so invest it in something that does last forever- the church!

Giving or Salvation
All Access Room Decoration- A Giant Fish

While teaching Jonah make your room look like the belly of a big fish.

Idea for Classroom
All Access Scratch and Sniff Watercolors

A recipe for watercolors that smell!

All Access Servicemen and Servicewomen in war

Helping and encouraging the soldiers and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan by flooding them with cards, gifts and letters they can send home to their families letting them know "we" are with them and praying for them.

Helping our soldiers
All Access Sidewalk Paint

A recipe for sidewalk paint

All Access Silly Putty

This is a recipe for Silly Putty

All Access Simple way to say...

Simple and inexpensive way to let your volunteers know you appreciate them.

Volunteer appreciations
All Access Sink or Swim Sno-Globes

Reinforces the lesson of Peter trusting Jesus and walking on the water.

All Access Solo Moms Free Spa Day

We created a "day" of free spa services to single-parent moms with fun, food and inflatable games for their children. On a Saturday, from 1pm - 5pm. Using almost every room in the building; Enough professionals volunteered their services; massagesc - 2 did full body massage, one did 15 minute chair massages , hair-stylists, facials, manicures, pedicures, make-up application, and "face-taping" for skin treatment. We offered 2 services per person, except full body massage (60 minutes) was considered 2 services. Several of the ladies created a beautiful buffet type table of food. We put comfortable lounge type furniture in the foyer, with lots of silk trees, near the food and played soothing music continually. The ladies waited there between services. A registration table near the door with two ladies who had taken the appointments thoughout the week, and helped eveyone know where they should be. They gave the "clients" to a greeter who took them on a "tour" to see where the food, bathrooms, and relaxing areas were. And took them and to drop kids off at the Children's area, then took the Moms to the relaxing area and made them comfortable. These greeters also would find the "clients" later to take them to the service... manicure, pedicure etc. Our bus picked up about 11 ladies and their kids from a women's "safe" house. A couple of them cried once they were in the door, sitting down to relax with a cup of coffee.. and we hadn't even done any spa service yet! The other ladies were friends of church people, or people who had come from little invitation cards we made for our church people to hand out, going into the "highways and byways" of their lives, and inviting anyone they met. All the invitees were told that THEY MUST CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. We did not consider them scheduled until we put them in our books. When they called, we also asked how many children they would be bringing and what ages.. so we could plan. Just a warning; most people called in the last 3 days before the event. We ended up serving 47 Moms, (one grandma who has custody of the kids) And 45 children... even though, from the phone calls, we thought we would have 20 children. Ran into; a few came, even though they never called... we invited them in relax, eat, bring their kids in for food and games, and see if any cancellations; there were "no-shows", so these did get a service. A couple of ladies were late, had to rework the schedule a little, but it all worked out. The kids were divided into a two and under room (we had about 12 of them) A very busy area! We tried to rotate workers, and give them breaks. Pre-school age and 6-12's. They split up for games. Used the playground area. Hot dogs and that type of food was available, an indoor area to cool off a little, then two of the large inflatable games took up lots of time and were very popular with all of them! We didn't do any preaching with words... they knew they were coming to a church. Some of our ladies however, did get into different conversations with these lonely, hard-working moms. Did pray with some. We just served, and let them bring us into their conversations. To the least of these... You could do however you wanted, bringing in Christian entertainment while they relaxed or something, doing puppets for the kids at intervals, because they didn't all come at the same time

Outreach to community
All Access Spelling Blocks

Two teams have a spelling bee using children's alphabet blocks. Sound too intellectual? Just give it a try!

Fun introductions

This game show skit will get your kids involved, and put them on the floor laughing. You can perform it as a puppet skit or as a live skit using your drama team. Or you could take it to the streets and get a community involved. You will need the following: Jesus and costume, three contestants and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy!

All Access SpongeBob Sunday

This is a salvation lesson using a SpongeBob SquarePants episode called Hooky. The emphasis is about not getting "hooked into sin."

All Access Storage Tins

These covered cans may be used for storage or organizers for children's room, craft cupboard, etc.

All Access Sugar Cube Cross

This is a yummy craft (though you can't really eat it!)

All Access Super Book olympics

Super Book Olympics is a teaching unit that can be used in Children's Church, VBS, Midweek Programs. Published by One Way Street

Free Talk on The Incredibles

How to use The Incredibles to build up your kids!

Using a Movie
All Access Teacher Appreciation Lollipop Corsage

Something fun to have your teacher's wear on Appreciation Sunday!

All Access Teaching children how they should pray

I find the story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10, Luke 18) ideal for teaching children about how we should pray.

Teaching Prayer
All Access Teaching children to make right choices

Showing how we can teach children to make their own right choices.

Making right choices.
All Access Teaching children to pray in public

I have found that it is relatively easy to get the younger children to pray out loud in class, but those aged about 8 and above are more self-conscious, and so less inclined to do so. The following is a technique that I have found to be very effective in encouraging older children to pray in public.

Teaching Prayer
All Access Teaching Memory Verses

Fifteen fun ways of teaching scripture memory verses are shared.

Scripture Memorization
All Access Teaching the Books of the Bible

A variety of ideas for teaching kids the books of the Bible.

Books of the Bible
All Access Telling the C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. Story

Each letter of the word 'CHRISTMAS' is used to tell the Christmas story.

All Access The 7 Days of Creation Song

This is a song sung to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas" about the 7 days of creation.

All Access The Big Bad Wolf on Trial

A humorous skit about the Big Bad Wolf begin put on trial for terrorizing Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. It ends with a strong Gospel presentation.

All Access The Christmas Tree

A decorated Christmas tree is used to teach some important truths about Christmas.

All Access The Disciple Link

We may never be the person to start a church. BUT we may be the person who claims Jesus as our savior which will cause a sequence of events which will lead to great things for the glory of the Kingdom!

Sharing your faith will effect others
All Access The Lord's prayer

How to teach children the real meaning of the Lord's prayer.

All Access The More You Get, The More You Give

God has blessed some of us with a lot of things. God wants us to give some of it back, in proportion to what we get.

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