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The "Creative Idea" Zone is kinda the "Everything Else" Zone. If it isn't an object lesson, or a craft, or a story, or a game, or a magic trick, or puppet script, or a... you get the idea... then it's HERE!

There are tons of great ideas in here, so surf to your heart's content. Or better yet, use the search tool to search by key word or topic. And be sure to submit YOUR great ideas!

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All Access Coffee Filter Butterflies

You can use the butterfly to talk about the change that occurs when God saves us through Christ. We become a new creation.

New Creation
All Access Creation Craft

Here is a creation craft that is quick and easy!

All Access Creation Ideas

A number of ideas are shared that could be incorporated into lessons on the subject of Creation.

All Access Disney's Mulan & Missions

This skit uses Disney's Mulan to encourage kids to participate in a foreign missions related fundraiser. Though this version was written for Awana Adopt-A-Club, it can be used for any missions project.

Funding Raising for Missions
All Access Don't get wrapped up in Sin

A great object lesson when talking about avoiding getting trapped in sin.

All Access Don't Raise Your Voice

Have you ever just played a game, gotten the kids all hyped up and then wanted their attention back? Don't raise your voice is this technique.

Crowd Control
All Access Easy Name Tag Idea

A great system for kids picking up name tags.

Name Tags
All Access Editble Parable of the Sower

To make the parable of the sower more exciting, I made it edible. I made a dirt cake from pudding and crushed Oreos, which served as the ground.....

Parable of Sower
All Access Effective Use of Storytelling

Eight tips are shared on how to make your storytelling more effective.

All Access Elimination quiz

A General Bible quiz to test if children are understanding their Bible lessons.

Bible quiz
All Access Encouraging Children to Act Better

This is a simple way to encourage kids to act better in class.

Class Attitude
All Access FREE PASS

Idea for making visitors feel welcome, and a way to help kids who get discouraged losing a way to win.

Games / Visitors
All Access Frog (Fully Rely on God ) Party

Jesus Changes us using The Life Cycle of a Frog as an example. Ideas included for decorating, games, crafts etc. This would be great for any occasion, outreach, Parents Night Out, etc. and can be adapted to many different ages.

Jesus Changes Us
All Access Fruit-y Basket

This unique fruit basket with bring a smile to the recipient's face and can be put together by any age group.

All Access Funky Fruits

This is a creative way of teaching kids the Fruits of the Spirit. Most kids don't know what they are or how they can grow them in their own lives. This method will ensure they know the fruits and that they can have them working in their lives!

Fruits of the Spirit for Kids!
All Access Gifts of Love

Make a gift to show your love for your parents and to thank them for the love and care they have shown you.

All Access Give Your Teachers Orange Cones

A great way for teachers to let you know when they need help in the classroom without having to leave the room.

All Access Giving Lesson

God will either "shower" us with large blessings or "squirt" us with big blessings for our giving to Him!

All Access God's Plan for Man

By becoming 'creators' themselves, children are encouraged to think about the choices God had to make when His creation was spoiled.

Creation and the Fall
All Access God's Time Line

By constructing a time line, children can see where any Biblical event fits into God's overall plan for His world.

Teaching Bible stories in context.
All Access God's Word is My Umbrella!

I did a craft to go along with Karl's story, George and the Umbrella.

All Access Grass Head

This is a craft to make a head that will have grass grow from it.

All Access Hand Print Flower

These are directions to make a flower with kids handprints.

All Access Hands Up!

Trying to get those busy Kindergarteners and Pre-K kids' attention? Here's a great one!

Classroom Management
All Access Having trouble getting people to show up on time?

Incentive to reward people for showing up on time to serve.

Volunteer Incentives
All Access How God Speaks to Us

Ten ways in which God speaks to us are listed and discussed.

Hearing from God
All Access Hurdles

This activity goes along with the story of the rich young ruler. It explores the activities or possessions that get in the way of the children putting God first.

All Access Is Your Name in God's Book of Life?

At our church we painted a very large (8' X 12') picture of a book on the back wall in our Kidz Worship Center. After any of our kidz accept Jesus into their hearts and are baptized they get to literally write their name on our "Book of Life." This generates lots of excitement with not only our kidz but also the parents.

Wall Mural
All Access Jar Shakers

Instructions for making noisemakers

All Access Jesus in My Heart

All you need is a heart-shaped cut out, tape and a drinking straw.

All Access Jonah and the Whale Craft

This reinforces the story of Jonah in the whale.

All Access Kids Church Olympic Games

We need to work hard to acheiver God's goal for our lives!

All Access Leaning Tower of CUPisa!

This is just a fun game the kids absolutely love! It's also very simple and inexpensive!

All Access Mad Lib - Matt 20:20-28; Mark 10:35-45

This game takes a 3rd person telling of James' and John's mom asking Jesus to one day let her kids sit on his right and left; and leaves out key words and replaces them with silly substitutes. I suggest doing it as a group and getting a different response from each child. I've put what to ask for in parenthesis along with any explanations) and then at the end I've written the entire story correctly.

Being Great in the Kingdom of God
All Access Magazine Christmas Trees

I have a craft night near Christmas. We make little Christmas trees out of Reader's Digest magazines.

All Access Making Ends Meet With Christ

By using the Christ figures sold as toys, children can make their own bookends.

All Access Mary & Martha Hour

Our Sunday School at St. Paul's Lutheran Church hosted a hospiality hour following worship.

All Access Mini Flannel Board

These are instructions to make a miniature flannel board.

All Access No Guessing Needed

A fun hands-on activity that demonstrates that guessing is not a sure thing - better to go with something dependable - God!

All Access Personal With Christ On Easter Eggs

Using either plastic or real eggs decorate eggs with the childrens names on them and some type of information from the bible, Example: The name of a Book, a person or place.

Egg Decoration
All Access Prayer Prints

This craft reminds kids of Prayer!

All Access Professor Noodlebrane Skit: The Sin Eliminator

Professor Noodlebrane learns that only Jesus can take away our sin. (Inspired by a toybox tale that is very similiar.)

All Access Project: Serve

Getting children involved in ministry is important! But sometimes, it is hard to do! This post will help you to understand how to get kids involved and active in your church!

Getting Kids Involved
All Access Riches Do Not Last Forever

Money doesn't last forever, so invest it in something that does last forever- the church!

Giving or Salvation
All Access Room Decoration- A Giant Fish

While teaching Jonah make your room look like the belly of a big fish.

Idea for Classroom
All Access Scratch and Sniff Watercolors

A recipe for watercolors that smell!

All Access Servicemen and Servicewomen in war

Helping and encouraging the soldiers and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan by flooding them with cards, gifts and letters they can send home to their families letting them know "we" are with them and praying for them.

Helping our soldiers
All Access Sidewalk Paint

A recipe for sidewalk paint

All Access Silly Putty

This is a recipe for Silly Putty

All Access Simple way to say...

Simple and inexpensive way to let your volunteers know you appreciate them.

Volunteer appreciations
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