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We have several Zones specifically for various holidays, but we've compiled ALL the holiday ideas in one place so they can be found year round, since many holiday ideas have applications throughout the year.

(After all, we should be thankful all year, and love our moms all year, and celebrate Jesus all year, right?)

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All Access Fifty Nifty Parenting Ideas for Dads

50 every day simple and practical ideas for dads - little things that can make a BIG difference!

All Access Ressurection Celebration 2003

Easter Sunday is a special day for God’s children. In this children’s church program, the children look BACK at what Christ has done. They look AHEAD at what is prepared for them in Heaven. They look IN at their heart and make sure that Jesus is there. They look OUT at others who need to hear the message of God’s great love!

Starter Oreo Turkeys

An easy fun snack-craft for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Craft Snack
All Access Friendship Cards

I wanted another alternative to Valentine's Day cards. I just don't like encouraging mature ideas of love or relationships. That's why I call these friendship cards.

Friendship, Love, Valentine's Day
All Access Christmas Pile

A great object lesson about all the stuff that gets 'piled' on top of the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Clutter
All Access Easter / Palm Sunday Jokes

A variety of Easter related jokes.

Starter Easter Family DO-votionals

Here is a FREE Easter Family DO-votional you can give your families for Easter. 

Free Father's Day Ideas

The following are a collection of ideas that you might try in your family. Maybe just one of these ideas will help someone in your family better celebrate Father's Day.

Father's Day
All Access A Christmas Chronology

This is a summary of the historical events that helped to shape Christmas as we know it today.

All Access A Christmas Elimination Quiz

An elimination quiz about Christmas.

All Access A Chronology of the Resurrection

This is a tool to help you prepare for your Easter lesson. It is a chronology of Christ's Resurrection. (Can be modified into a lesson for kids)

All Access After Quiet Time Message

A neat simple story for kids about spreading God's message. Can be used with a puppet or a vent.

Easter Message
All Access Baby Jesus in a Manger

This is a creative craft where the kids make a manger to look just like the one would have that Jesus laid in!

CHRISTmas craft
All Access Candy Cane Contest

A fun and easy game that kids love!

Christmas Game
All Access Christmas Crackers

A fast, easy, fun activity that teaches kids to think of others during the holidays

Christmas Activities
All Access Christmas Gift of Appreciation

Seeing how important volunteers are in ministry, but having limited resources, we came apon this idea that many went "head over heels"about.

Inexpensive Gift for Volunteers
All Access Christmas Story Facts and Story

This Power Point starts with facts, and how we know from the Bible that Jesus is the true Son of God. It ends with the Christmas story.

Christmas Facts/Story
All Access Christmas Voices

Here are some Christmas monologues that we have used at different times with our puppet team and our drama group. They are short but significant. Add a couple of your favorite Christmas songs and you have a small puppet musical! I hope someone can use them! They can be a lot of fun!

All Access Christmas Worker Appreciation Event

Christmas time is a great time to express appreciation to the people you work with through the year

Taking care of volunteers
All Access CROSSwords: A PowerPoint Game

The game basically is a jazzed up version of Hangman that can be used to reinforce kids’ knowledge of the Bible, as well as having fun at the same time!

Christ's Death and Ressurection
All Access December / Christmas Bible Reading Calendar

What better way to get kids into the habit of reading their Bible than to have them read the Christmas story?

Christmas, Bible Reading
All Access Easter Cookies

This wonderful craft idea allows children to understand, in their own yummy way, the wonder of Easter!

Jesus' Suffering
All Access Easter Devotions

Prepare your heart for Easter

All Access Easter Drama

Acting out of Jesus' death and rising.

All Access Easter Egg Hunt with a Teaching Twist

Have kids answer questions out of plastic eggs, about Easter for prizes.

All Access Easter Egg Memory Verse

Use plastic Easter eggs to teach a Memory Verse.

Easter Game
All Access Easter Lesson for Kids Church

An object talk for Easter plus some info on the history of Easter to teach kids.

Christ's Ressurection
All Access Easter Puppet Sketch

Our kids love this puppet sketch!

All Access Easter Scavenger Hunt

This is a great activity to do with large or small groups of children. We search the church while listening to the Easter story and end up with a fun surprise!

All Access Easter Tomb Craft

Great craft for Easter

All Access Easter-In-A-Box Neighborhood Outreach

This is a creative way for people in the church to form relationships with those in their community around Easter time.

Easter/Neighborhood Outreach
All Access Egg Hunt Puppet Script

This is a pupet script that I used at our 04 Egg Hunt.

All Access Gold, Franklincents and Firs

A family share a Christmas tradition

All Access Happy Birthday Party for Jesus

All chicldren like attending parties. Have a birthday party for Jesus while telling the message of Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus
All Access Heaven (An Easter Lesson)

Without Easter, there would be no Heaven for us to learn about.

All Access Jelly Bean Easter Prayer

The color representation for each sacrifice and burden Jesus has taken for us.

All Access JESUS LIVES!!!

A story of easter

All Access Jesus Never Told A Mean Joke

Those mean jokes hurt! Some kids think they are funny; some fathers think they motivate. Here's a lesson for both of them.

Mean jokes
All Access Jesus Takes Away Our Sin Object Lesson

Once you have put your trust in Jesus and He has taken away your sin, you stay clean on the inside. This is the Good News we remember at Easter.

All Access Layered Christmas Storybook Craft

All Access Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Here is a very simple, yet POWERFUL play for children to do for Easter.

Easter Drama/Musical
All Access Magazine Christmas Trees

I have a craft night near Christmas. We make little Christmas trees out of Reader's Digest magazines.

All Access Mary: A Common Ordinary Girl

This is a monologue from Mary telling her story of the birth of the Savior of the world...from her common, ordinary view

God Uses Common Ordinary People
All Access Meditations For Easter

The angel of death passed over every house that was marked with blood. They were saved by the blood of the lamb.

All Access Merry Christmas in 80+ Languages!

Here is "Merry Christmas" in 80+ Languages!

All Access Mother's Day Alien Puppet Routine

Today is a special day to tell your mom how much you love her. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

All Access Mother's Day Craft

Here is an easy to do craft that could easily be adapted as something special the children can make for Mother’s Day.  

Mother's Day
All Access Mystery Box

Christian Life
All Access Personal With Christ On Easter Eggs

Using either plastic or real eggs decorate eggs with the childrens names on them and some type of information from the bible, Example: The name of a Book, a person or place.

Egg Decoration
All Access Resources for Easter

Here aare a couple resources that have been great to use for Easter when I have not had actors or super talented story tellers to help out.

Easter resources
Gospel Colors VBS Resources Guide KidCheck Check-In Systems FUNtastic Bible Activity Book Andy and the Ants My Awesome Adventure DiscipleTown Unit 21 - Disciples Next Steps for Kids Kidmin Talk Podcast
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