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We have several Zones specifically for various holidays, but we've compiled ALL the holiday ideas in one place so they can be found year round, since many holiday ideas have applications throughout the year.

(After all, we should be thankful all year, and love our moms all year, and celebrate Jesus all year, right?)

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All Access Daddy Dice

A simple hand made dice that kids can make and roll to make Father's Day Extra Special!

Father's Day
All Access Fathers are Wonderful People

We can count on our dads

Fathers Day
All Access Father's Day Footprint Craft

A craft for Father's Day

Father's Day Craft
All Access Father's Day Jokes

A collection of jokes relating to dads

Father's Day
All Access Handprint craft for Fathers Day

Father's Day Craft

Father's Day
All Access LEGO Frame Craft

Here's a fun craft for Father's Day

Father's Day Craft
All Access Scented Soap for Dad Craft

A craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access Songs for Father's Day

Songs you can sing with your kids around Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access Special Card for Dad Craft

A craft for Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access Tee Shirt for Dad

A craft kids can present their fathers on Father's Day

Father's Day Craft
All Access The History of Father's Day

Here's a little bit of the background behind this special holiday. Will help you talk to the kids about this day.

Father's Day
All Access The Little Chap Who Follows Me

A good poem for Father's Day

Father's Day
All Access The Story of God's Trees

This is a retelling of the classic story of The Three Trees written by Karl Bastian, provided here in three different formats. The original author is unknown. This is Karl's version of the beautiful fable. Ideal for Christmas or Easter.

All Access The things dads say

Here are some famous sayings that dads say.

Father's Day
All Access The World's Best Dad Story

A story contest for kids to write about their dads to give to him on Father's Day.

Father's Day
All Access Things Kids Can Do For Their Dad

There are lots of things kids can do to make Father's Day special for their dad.

Making Father's Day Special
All Access Video for dad

Make a memory with your video camera

Father's Day
All Access What I Thought of Dad

We can learn a lot from our fathers

Father's Day
All Access 22 Great Family Thanksgiving Ideas

A mom and dad share 22 of their favorite Thanksgiving family traditions.

All Access 3 Paper Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Paper Crafts for Teaching Thankfulness to Kids  

Crafts, Thanksgiving
Free 4 Cool Father's Day Craft Ideas

Keep little hands busy with these four cool Father’s Day craft ideas.

Father's Day Craft Ideas
All Access 5 Exciting New Ways To Teach The Nativity Story

It’s almost Christmas time, aka one of the two times of the year where what you’ll be teaching in Sunday School is firmly locked in place. Of course, therein lies the problem. How do you make a story that all the little ones know by heart exciting again? Fret not, Kid Mins. I have scoured the big ol’ interwebs and found 5 ridiculously awesome (and inexpensive) ways to liven up your nativity teaching.

Nativity Lesson Plans
All Access 5 Things to Remember During a KidMin Christmas

Discover ways to stay sane during the holidays and throughout the year. 

Christmas, Events, Family
All Access 7 Ways to Welcome Guests for the Holidays

How you welcome your holiday guests is a powerful tool in your arsenal of customer service offerings. Keep in mind: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Welcome, Guests, Holidays
All Access A Better Christmas

The message of this Christmas skit is clear: giving is better than receiving!

Christmas, Children's Skit
All Access A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Movie Devotional

Thanksgiving Sunday PJ Day. Using A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie, explain that God keeps His P-romises and remind them that no matter what life throws our way, He brings J-oy to our life!

Thanksgiving Lesson Idea
All Access A Christmas Reinactment

One of the most special things we did with our elementary children this Christmas was a reinactment of the Christmas story.

Christmas Drama
All Access A Few Things About Gratitude

What are you grateful for today?

Thanksgiving, Gratitude
All Access A Gift for Dad

What does Dad want for Father's Day? Here is a great puppet skit to illustrate this to children.

Skit, Puppet Skit, Father's Day
All Access Christmas Devotional: A Time of Giving or Receiving?

 Teach your children that receiving is better than giving...

Christmas, Devotional, Gift Giving, Receiving
All Access Christmas I-Spy Printable Worksheets

Looking for a last minute activity for Christmas Eve Children's Service? Here is a fun printable worksheet you can use this week. 

Christmas Printables
Free Christmas Object Lesson: The Wrapping Paper

Use this object lesson to illustrate how Jesus is the best gift that we can receive, at Christmas or any time. 

Christmas, Object Lessons
All Access Christmas Play: The Birth of Jesus

Need a Christmas skit that the children in your ministry can perform? This narrative skit on the birth of Jesus is written directly from the Bible and is very powerful. Teach your children the Christmas story through this skit and let them share the good news with others!

Christmas, Children's Skit
Free Christmas Potpourri

Here is an assortment of ideas to make Christmas more meaningful for your family. Select the ideas that seem appropriate to your family’s needs and interests. Trying one new idea could start a family tradition for your family.

Christmas Ideas
All Access Christmas Worship Stations

 A four station journey to search for, discover, follow and share the Light this Christmas.

Christmas, Evangelism, Gospel Message
All Access Dead Sea Audio Files

Easter Scripture Readings in a whole new way!

Easter Audio Files
All Access Easter Sunday

What is the purpose of Easter Sunday? Use this skit to explain it to children.

Skit, Puppet Skit
All Access Easy Easter Song

This is a great Easter song sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

All Access Easy Patriotic Craft

Use these patterns to create several easy crafts for July 4th or Memorial Day.

Patriotic Craft
All Access Family Advent boxes

4 Week Family Advent Devotions and activities to help your families keep Christ at the center of the month of December.

Christmas Curriculum
All Access Family Valentine's Day Ideas

A variety of ideas for families to celebrate the true meaning of Valentine's Day

All Access Father's Day Concentration Game

This is a fun game to make! Then kids can take it home and play it with Dad - anytime they please!

Father's Day
All Access Father's Day Fun Facts Activity Sheet!

This fun children's activity sheet will give children the chance to tell Dad what they really think of him!

Father's Day
All Access Father's Day Fun Sticks

A great way to honor dads this Father's Day.

Father's Day, craft
All Access Father's Day Ideas

A collection of ideas that you might try in your family Maybe just one of these ideas will help someone in your family better celebrate “Father’s Day.”

Father's Day
All Access Father's Day Poem

A Father's Day Poem about how a dad can be one of your very best friends!

Father's Day
Free Five Easter Games for the Classroom

Celebrating Easter is an essential part of Christian ministry and when you do it “kids’ style” you will need Easter games for the classroom. Holiday Easter games maintain the flow of the theme and add excitement to your sessions. Since I have kids ages 6 to 11 usually, I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Take a crack at these Easter-themed games and let the fun begin!

Easter Games
All Access Flatman and Bobbin - The Grinch who stole Easter

Flatman and Bobbin rediscover Jesus' death and resurrection

All Access Freedom and Hot Dogs

What does the 4th of July have to do with God?

Fourth of July, Skit
All Access Gift Exchange Game

At Christmas time, when you want to spice up the ornament exchange or the white elephant exchange, try this fun game!

Gift Exchange
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