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The "Creative Idea" Zone is kinda the "Everything Else" Zone.  If it isn't an object lesson, or a craft, or a story, or a game, or a magic trick, or puppet script, or a... you get the idea, then it's HERE! 

There is a TON of great ideas in here, so surf to your heart's content, or better yet, use the search engine and search by key word or topic.  And be sure to submit YOUR great ideas!

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Free A Twist on Volunteer Training:

Training and equipping our kidmin leaders is of utmost importance if we want them to lead well in their ministry area and to have longevity in serving with us.

Volunteer Training
All Access Add a Spoonful of Fluff

A short article on adding "marshmallow fluff" to your ministry.

Extras, games,
All Access Anyone Can Be a Hero!!

Real heros come in ordinary packages.

Heros, Disciples
All Access Applying God's Word to Our Lives

Take the DIY project you've been working on and use it to teach a valuable lesson in applying God's Word.

Application, Obedience
All Access Art for My Fridge Program

Kids will love to submit their artwork and you'll get to stick it on your fridge.

Just for Fun
Free Awesome Welcome Back Ideas for Children's Ministry

Use these creative ideas to kick off your kids ministry this fall.

Back to School, Back to Church
All Access Bag It!

Use grocery bags to teach children a Bible memory verse!

Bible Memory Verse Activity
All Access Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Why are arts and crafts projects important for your kid's ministry?

Arts and Crafts
Free Best (and Worst) Attention Getters for Teaching Kids

Teaching kids is kind of an art form. So how do you keep their attention without pulling your hair out? Try these attention getters!

Classroon Control
All Access Bible Verse Search Puzzles: Having Fun with the Bible

Here's a fun way to help your kids remember their scripture reading!

Fun teaching ideas
Free Blacklight Bible Object Lesson: Do You See Any Sin?

Is it okay to sin as long as you keep it hidden? Can you really keep sin hidden from God? Use this object lesson to teach about the concept of hidden sin. 

Object Lesson, Hidden Sin
Free Books of the Bible Card Games

Looking for new ideas for teaching the books of the Bible to your class? These Books of the Bible Cards are a great way for kids to interact with and learn the books of the Bible. Includes instructions for 7 different games.

Games, Books of the Bible
All Access Break Out of Your Teaching Rut - Go Take A Hike!

Dig out of your rut by taking a hike!

Sunday School, Effective Teaching
All Access Bring Your Bible for Misssions

Use this simple incentive to help grow your children's hearts for missions and encourage them to bring their Bibles.

All Access Bubbles Like Friends

A fun activity that helps kids understand how to be nice to others

Kindness, friends
All Access Buzzer Review Game Resource

Fun buzzers for a review game.

Review Game
All Access Christian Lyrics to the London Bridge Game

Have you ever played the London Bridge Game? These Christian versions of this children's game will not only be fun for your children, but will also help teach them about God!

Children's Games
All Access Christmas I-Spy Printable Worksheets

Looking for a last minute activity for Christmas Eve Children's Service? Here is a fun printable worksheet you can use this week. 

Christmas Printables
Free Church Bus Game Ideas

Engage kids with these great games for your bus ministry.

Bus, Games
Free Cleansing Sins

Two object lessons that visually display to kids the power of what Jesus did on the cross. They naturally lead into an alter call, helping kids truly understand the gospel.

Sin, Salvation, Jesus
All Access Cold Weather Crafts: 12 Winter Art and Sensory Play Ideas

Too cold to be outdoors? Bring the outdoors in! Try these winter crafts with your kids, at home or at church. 

Fun and Games, Crafts
All Access Collaborative Problem Solving

3 steps to collaborative problem solving.

Problem Solving
All Access Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Have fun this Easter by changing up your egg hunt!

Easter, Games
All Access Creative Emergence

We are impressed with Kidmin who are creative. We enjoy the fruit of their creativity. However, our Creative God made us like Him, creative! Here are six creative habits that creatives use.

Developing Creativity
All Access Creatively Reaching Kids, with Spinners!

Use the latest craze to connect with kids!

All Access David Tries to Hide His Sin (Game)

An adaptation of David and Bathsheba to teach about hiding sin. 

Hiding from God
All Access Developing a 45-Minute Show

Here are ten things I’ve learned over the years about how to put together quality content for a 45-minute stage show.

Stage Performance
All Access Do You Know? A Game Idea for Learning about God!

Moses once boldly said: "Show Me Your Glory!" If you want a game to introduce a lesson on Exodus 33:18, then "How Well Do You Know Your Sibling?" is the game for you!

All Access Dr Seuss and the Bible

Great ideas on engaging kids with books to teach spiritual lessons

Books, Outreach, Teaching
All Access Dr. Seuss' Bible

Using a Dr. Seuss' "Book of Books" to Explain how the Bible was put together.

Bible Structure
All Access Draw the Bible; Turn Off the DVD Player

Karl presents a creative teaching style and encourages us to stop using the DVD player while teaching.

Teaching Methods, DVD, Drawing
All Access Draw the Church

Can you draw the church?

Creative Idea, Object Lesson
All Access Easiest Large Group Game Ever

This is probably the easiest large group game ever invented. If you can think of an easier one, please let me know in the comments.

Games, Large Group
All Access Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate

When looking at your ministry make sure you evaluate everything. The 3 easy elements are friendliness, cleanliness, and follow-up.

Evaluation of your ministry
All Access Exalting God Illustration

A simple illustration to show how you can't exalt God when your life is full of other distractions.

Exalt, Praise, Stuff
Free Explaining the Trinity to Kids

How do you explain the Trinity to your kids?

All Access Family SuperBowl Game 2016

This is a great contest for all members of the family to participate in no matter what their football skills may be.

SuperBowl Game
All Access Father's Day Fun Facts Activity Sheet!

This fun children's activity sheet will give children the chance to tell Dad what they really think of him!

Father's Day
All Access Fidget Spinner Bible Lesson

How to use a fidget spinner (and other fad toys) to teach about the eternity of God!

Object Lesson; God Endures Forever
All Access Five Reasons To Take Your Family On a Missions Trip

Gather your family and get ready to hit the road (or the air) as you stretch your faith together and reach out in another culture.

Family, Missions
Free Five Tips to Instantly Improve Creative Output

Creativity is an elusive thing. For most people, it doesn’t just happen. Although every one of us has enormous creative potential, there are definitely times when creativity just doesn’t seem to flow. Here are some helpful tips.

Improving Creativity
All Access Five Ways To Create a Fun Kidmin Environment

Ideas on how to make your kidmin space fun for kids!

Fun, Kid Environments
Free Four Creative Water Day Games

Water day for your children’s summer camp is coming up. What do you do? Here are some creative water games that you can play!

Water Games
All Access Free Easter Coloring Page

Download these free printables to use this weekend!

Crafts, Easter
All Access Free Summer Activity Ideas for Summer Fun!

Keep your kids engaged this summer with free summer activities! Here are a few ideas.

Summer Activities
Free Fun Ways to Use Balloons in Ministry

I’m a firm believer that we should never let a tool go to waste, so I’ve found some fun ways to use balloons during children’s church. Keep kids focused on your lesson and keep them excited about attending by using balloons regularly!

Creative Ideas, Object Lessons
Free Game Idea: Inch Worm

A fun game to get the kids up and moving. 

All Access Get a Clue

A Fun Scripture Activity for Your Elementary Child

Bible Memory, mystery,
All Access Get That Lesson to Stick!

We all want to get the Word of God into the children we teach. Here's a simple idea to get the kids into the Word.

Using Bibles, Acting
All Access Get to Know ME Form

An easy form for getting to know your Middle Schoolers.

Getting to Know Preteen
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