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I will sing to the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

- Psalm 104:33

Leading children in worship and teaching them how to live a life of worship is one of our highest privledges as children's ministry leaders. Here you will find helpful articles, music and worship videos to equip you to help kids worship!

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All Access Liberty in Worship

Children can learn and sing about the liberty we have in serving Jesus to a familiar tune.

All Access Love Your Family

This is a cute song kids will have fun with as they express the loving relationships of their family. You may also omit mom or dad if family configuration merits this.  

Loving Your Family
All Access Music Rap

This is a rap to chant as you clap on the 2nd and 4th words of the rap. You will clap on words 1 and 3 of any line that has only three words.  

Music Rap on the Tongue
All Access Purpose of Music

Music has a way of getting into the depths of a person’s emotions and affecting their thinking, actions, and moods. God has given us the gift of music, so let us use it wisely for Him.

All Access Sow Good Seeds

This is a song to a familiar tune that is easy for children to learn and sing. It will also re-enforce the parable that Jesus shares with us in the book of Matthew.

Sowing Good Seeds
All Access Super Hero Song

A simple song sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You know It"  

Heroes, Patriotism
All Access True Worship - Session 1: What's True Worship? Who Worship Is For And Not For

The purpose of this session is to help students get in their minds that worship is all about God. This is our starting place because, apart from that understanding, we just don’t get worship and can’t go any further. The key is to emphasize to your students how foundational and absolutely essential this is.

All Access True Worship - Session 2: What's True Worship? What Worship Is (And Isn't)

The purpose of this session is for students to get a better grasp of what worship actually is and what kind of worship is acceptable to God. The major emphases are (1) we all worship something, (2) we worship what we value and (3) true worship is the only worship acceptable to God.

All Access True Worship - Session 3: The Requirements For A True Worshiper

The purpose of this session is for students to understand that worship actually requires something. We don’t worship God on our own terms but on His terms. We must be saved, we must be holy and we must take worship seriously in order to be true worshipers.

All Access True Worship - Session 4: What a True Worshiper Does

The purpose of Session 4 is to challenge students to take up the practices of true worshipers. The major emphases here include personal worship, corporate worship and living an overall lifestyle of worship. We are really beginning the transition from what worship is to what worship looks like on a daily basis.

All Access True Worship - Session 5: The Test of a True Worshiper

The purpose of Session 5 is for students to understand that true worship happens even in the most difficult of circumstances. More than that, we are refined and made better worshipers as a result of the things we suffer if we continue to worship during tough times. The major emphases in this session are: 1) True worshipers aren’t immune to tough times, 2) True worshipers worship even in the tough times, and 3) Worship is an all-the-time way of living, not an occasional event.

All Access We Are A Family

This is a simple song that children can learn and sing for Children's Sunday at church or for a Sunday school presentation. You can also divide into four groups and have each group learn a verse to sing.  

Loving Our Family
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