What Is Kidology?

Kidology is a non-profit organization that exists to equip and encourage those who minister to children. Our primary ministry is Kidology.org, a website where each day thousands of children's ministry leaders and volunteers find help, ideas, training, and resources that enable them to most effectively reach and teach kids.

Beyond our extensive online tools and training, we also offer help through a variety of conferences, personalized coaching, and publishing electronic and print resources.

Learn the Philosophy behind Kidology.org:

The Kidology Way. The Four Pillars of Children's Ministry, an eBook from Kidology's founder, Karl Bastian. Learn the philosophy of ministry behind Kidology that has the potential to transform your ministry. It's free for Starter and All Access members.

Why Kidology?

  1. Children are the ripest spiritual field in the Kingdom. This was God's design. Even adults, Jesus said, ought to "come as children." It was God's plan that faith begin as a child. When it doesn't, there is always a high price to pay.

  2. The ripest field is being harvested by the least equipped and trained. While there is a growing number of professionally trained children's ministry leaders, the VAST majority of those who minister to children are parents and volunteers thrust into that role with little or no training and with meager resources.

  3. The Internet is the most strategic and cost-effective way to bridge this gap. We can impact an unlimited number of those who reach and teach children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And we are!

  4. Because Jesus Loves Children and those on the front lines reaching them. And when they turn to the Internet to find help, they are finding Kidology.org.

How to use Kidology

Kidology.org features one of the internet's largest collections of ideas, tools, and interaction around the world of children's ministry. This includes a searchable knowledge base of ideas, an online store packed with resources, online training, and interaction with others who minister to children via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media forums. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates from Kidology.org.

Since Kidology has been growing in content daily since 1994, there is no other website that even comes close to the amount of collective wisdom and resources you will find on this website. Facebook conversations pass and tweets are forgotten, but everything on Kidology is searchable creating a vast treasure of help for those who minister to kids.

As a non-profit ministry, we offer access to these tools through a combination of free and All Access memberships. Kidology relies on donations, product sales, limited advertising, and membership fees to maintain not only the costs of website operation, but also support staff and future development. While we would love to offer all features at no cost, in order to maintain our mission, we have to be good stewards of the resources we've been given and rely on your support for the ministry as well. That said, for anyone who sincerely can not afford our membership fee, we offer free scholarships. Simply fill out the scholarship form on the sign up page.

We exist to Equip and Encourage YOU in your ministry to children.

Kidology was founded by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. Who is Karl Bastian? 

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