A Toybox Tale Easter

The Easter Story like you've never seen it before!
Completely Scripture and told with action figures from Pastor Karl's Toybox ~ 7.5 minutes of serious fun!

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Many thanks to my friend Barney Kinard, who hand made the Tomb for me as a gift. This was a departure from my usual silly irreverant humor, since the topic is more serious. Therefore, I chose to completely quote scripture in the narration and allow the humor be in the characters used to tell the story.

Scriptures Used:  Matthew 21:1-18, 26:17 – 28:10; Mark 11:1-25, 14:12 – 16:20; Luke 19:28-47, 22:7- 24:12, 24:36-53; John 12:12-16, 13:21-38, 18:1 – 20:23; Acts 1:6-11

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Learn more about Toybox Tales at toyboxtales.com

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