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This may just be an answer to prayer!

Here is a collection of Object Lessons, Devotionals, Games, Puppet Routines, and more... all dealing with the subject of prayer! Gathered together from all over the site in one easy place!

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The trouble with our praying is, we just do it as a means of last resort. ~Will Rogers

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All Access Greetin' a wiggle tamer for a prayer lesson

Have the kids greet each other in a hurry. Be very fast and move on to the next person as quickly as they can. Let’s see how many people we can greet before time is called. You and the adult volunteers take part as well. Get into it!

Fidget Buster
All Access How to Get Free Long Distance Phone Calls

All Access I Can Pray

Play this game like "Hot Potato" as you teach the children the Lord's Prayer.

All Access I Just Want To Say “I LOVE JESUS”

Let us not forget that Christ loved the children.

All Access In Jesus Name, Amen

A talk on the power of praying in Christ’s name. Praying in Christ’s name is as if Jesus handed us His own divine credit card, it will never run out. We must, however, ask for the things that He would want and would be pleasing to Him. (John 16: 24)  

All Access Jelly Bean Easter Prayer

A FUN Easter Prayer using Jelly Beans to tell the Easter Story!

All Access Jesus, You're Too Late!

The story of the raising of Lazarus teaching that Jesus is never too late, but always on time for His greatest glory! We should never put a deadline on our prayers. (John 11)

All Access Keep On Asking

Don't forget to keep on praying. God sets down several conditions for effective prayer. One of them is persistence. So keep on asking and believing.

Luke 11:5-8, Prayer
All Access Learning to Listen

All Access Learning to Listen

All Access Musical Chairs with a Twist

This is a game to encourage the children to memorize the Lord's Prayer.

Lord's Prayer
All Access Prayer for A Friend

Jen prays for her friend who isn't feeling well and he begins to recover.

All Access Prayer is a Covering

Christian Life
All Access Prayer Prints

This craft reminds kids of Prayer!

All Access Praying for Rabbits?

If God cares enough to send rabbits (even HUGE ones) for a little toddler, how much more will he hear and answer the needs we bring to Him that are much more important.

All Access So Clean You Can Lick the Bowl!

All Access Teaching children how they should pray

I find the story of Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10, Luke 18) ideal for teaching children about how we should pray.

Teaching Prayer
All Access Teaching children to pray in public

I have found that it is relatively easy to get the younger children to pray out loud in class, but those aged about 8 and above are more self-conscious, and so less inclined to do so. The following is a technique that I have found to be very effective in encouraging older children to pray in public.

Teaching Prayer
All Access The Day The Sun Stood Still

A talk teaching that God will give us what we need most in prayer even if it doesn’t match up to every detail that we prayed. (Joshua 10:12).  

All Access The Lord's prayer

How to teach children the real meaning of the Lord's prayer.

All Access The Path to Powerful Prayer

Christian Life
All Access The Prayer Tooth Pick

All Access Using your fingers as a prayer reminder

Showing children how to remember who to pray for by using their fingers.

All Access You Can Keep On Asking God

It isn't right to whine and pout for something when our parents have said "NO". God wants us to keep on asking Him for what we want or need.

All Access You-Know-Who - A Devotional for Children's Ministry Leaders

Become a prayer fanatic for you-know-who because that kid needs God’s love.  

All Access Jesus Disciples Training Academy 4 - Prayer

This is the fourth lesson in the series. It is an about the Spiritual Discipline of Talking to God. The lesson lets children know that prayer is just talking to God as if you would talk to your best friend. It also lets children know that it is important to talk with God consistently.

Spiritual Disciplines
Starter Prayer Rock

A poem on a sheet of paper that kids can color and then wrap around a rock to remind them to pray.

All Access The GodPod

A skit introducing the idea of praying for God's will to be done in our lives, instead of just asking God to give us what we want.

Prayer, Selfishness, Submission
All Access What God Wants Most

What God Wants Most is an interactive discussion designed to be the last talk with 5th graders before they move up to Middle School Ministry

Personal Relationship With God
All Access Pray For A Scout

A scout is a vital member of the evangelism team, especially if they are one of the team's prayer warriors. A scout can help the team be at the key spot where God wants to reach children for His kingdom.

A Vital Position For Every Evangelism Team
Starter A HAND in Prayer

Teaching young children to remember what to pray for by using each finger to represent something.

All Access Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher - Part 1: Be Prayerful

Part 1 of a 10 part series on teaching like Jesus did!

Becoming An Excellent Children's Ministry Teacher
All Access Calling God

This PowerPoint can be used as a Bible study on prayer that highlights the different answers God gives us when we pray to Him. Use the PowerPoint slides as illustrations to go along with the discussion below.

Starter George Washington 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation full text and background information

All Access Hanging out with God

Prayer is talking and listening to God. We can learn from the Psalms that we sometimes need to take a Selah break and meditate on God's goodness. Spending time in prayer to God can help us grow closer to Him.

All Access Just Do It!

A short talk for kids on learning to pray without ceasing.

Starter Opening Doors

Lesson Introduction for 3-5 year olds, who try to open boxes while learning about the figure of speech, "open doors"

Starter Simon Says, Pray!

3-5 year olds practice the postures of prayer.

All Access Thanks Mural

After a year of prayer, we gave thanks for God's goodness to us.

All Access Using Pictures to Encourage Kids to Pray for Missionaries

Here is a tangible way for kids to connect with missionaries.

All Access God's Team 4 - Talkin' to the Coach

This lesson introduces the discipline of prayer to children. While we often talk about HOW to pray with children (I hope), this lesson focuses on how to develop the discipline of prayer.

All Access Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #012 - Struck by an Angel

Praying for one another.

All Access Discovering God's Path Curriculum: Lesson #027 - Prayer

Through prayer we can have conversation and relationship with God.

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