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We all know parenting is a tough job. Parents need all the support they can get, and church leaders should be that support! Whether you are a leader or a parent or both, the resources in our Parenting Zone can help you help the parents in your church better lead their families in Biblical living.

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Free Raising Boys in a #MeToo World

How can we raise our boys to respect women in a sex-saturated culture.

Parenting, Relationships
All Access Sexting: A Digital Topic to Talk About With Your Teen

Five points for talking to your teen about sexting.

Family Ministry
All Access Sharing the Gospel with Kids

4 steps to simply sharing the Gospel with the kids in your mnisttry

Starter Summer is Here, Now What?

Here is some practical biblical help to support you in getting your kids to help with chores over the summer - even providing a FREE downloadable "Summer Chores Chart!"

Kids and Chores
All Access Teaching Kids To Be Confident In Their Faith

 Kids must be taught their faith in order to gain confidence in it!

All Access The 3 S's That Can Trigger Unexpected Emotions and Memories at Christmas

Help children of divorce better cope with the holidays by being aware of the things they may be missing this Christmas. 

Christmas, Divorce, Parenting
All Access The FAST Acronym

How does your ministry or you as a ministry leader handle the occasional unhappy or frustrated church attendee?

Relationships, Parents
All Access Three Tips for Raising Great Adults

You entered into children’s ministry to impact kids. Relationships come first, so continue to intentionally pursue relationships with the kids you minister to.

Influence on Kids
All Access Training Kids to be Truthful and Kind

Are your kids meat-eaters and bone-spitters? We need to train them in clarity and charity. 

Truth and Kindness
Free What Does God Think About Your Child?

Jesus loved all children passionately. So how should you love the children in your care?

Jesus' Love, Loving Children
All Access When You Wake Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Divorce Ministry
Starter Who Are These Kids?

Do you know how to connect to today's device- and media-saturated kids?

Connecting with Today's Kids
All Access Who is Responsible to Disciple my Kids?

Who is Responsible to Disciple my Kids - the church or me?

All Access Why Do Behavior Problems Escalate When There is a Divorce?

Read the causes of unruly kids during and after divorce. 

Behavior, Divorce
All Access Why I Don't Tell My Kids They Can Be Anything They Want To Be

Parents should be far more worried about how God has designed their child and think more about how we can make our kids more God-conscience and less self-absorbed.

Living as Christ
All Access Why I Teach My Kids Not to Believe in Luck

Teach your kids not to count on luck, but on the providence of God. 

Luck, St. Patrick's Day, Providence
All Access Why We Lose Our Children When They Become Teenagers

How do we help teens learn freedom and independence while maintaining boundaries for healthy growth?

Spiritual Growth, Parenting Issues
All Access Why You Need to Become a Student of Pop Culture

Children today follow and are excited by what is popular in culture. How much of this "pop culture" should a children's ministry leader know or be familiar with? How does this affect your ministry to kids?

Pop Culture, Connecting with Kids
All Access 21 Conversation Starters To Get Your Family Talking

Use these conversation starters to get your family talking!

Family, Conversation
All Access Accepting Christ at a Young Age

Very young children are capable of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. All it takes is making children aware of their need for redemption in a way they can understand.

Early Childhood Ministry/Salvation/Parenting
All Access The Top 10 Children's Bibles

Counting down the Top 10 children's Bibles on the basis of theme, quality of features and how quickly the Bible grabbed the author's interest

Bible Reviews
All Access 15 Fun and Easy Bible Verse Games for Kids

Download this PDF with 15 games to use in your Kidmin to help them learn bible verses

All Access Teach while making Easter Cookies

Here is a recipe for Easter Cookies that you can use (with Scriptue) to teach the meaning of Easter AS you make the cookies!

Meaning of Easter
Free Kidmin Talk #124 - December 19th, 2019

Kidmin Talk #124 - Introducing Kidology Master Classes Kidminism - We never grow alone or in a vacuum! Starting in 2020, Pastor Karl will be leading a series of Master Classes to help you take your personal development as well as your ministry to the next level beginning with a course in January titled, “Thriving in Ministry.” Learn more in this video sponsored by The Kids Visual Study Bible from

Kidology Master Class
Free Kidmin Talk #123 - December 13th, 2019

Kidmin Talk #123 - The Nativity Challenge! A new Christmas Game from Pastor Karl Bastian. Sponsored by The Jesus Storybook Bible from

The Nativity Challenge
Free Kidmin Talk #122 - October 29th, 2019

In this 122nd episode of Kidmin Talk, Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of, is getting ready for Christmas! WIN a free Christmas Clue Hunt game, find out what Karl is teaching in December, and more!

Christmas is Coming! Are you ready?
Free Kidmin Talk #121 - October 23rd, 2019

In this 121st episode of Kidmin Talk, Pastor Karl Bastian provides six principles for impacting every child on Sunday. Also, Karl offers an insiders review of KidCheck, the premiere children's ministry check-in system.

IMPACTing Every Child, Every Sunday, Plus KidCheck
Free Kidmin Talk #120 - October 16th, 2019

Kidmin Talk #120 - Karl Bastian, founder of, shares a musical outreach tool, a crazy object lesson, updates on conferences he'll be at and his first Kidology Kidminism. Listen to be Equipped and Encouraged!

Outreach Tool, Object Lesson, Conferences, & More!
Free Kidmin Talk #119 - August 1st, 2019

Kidmin Talk #119 - It's Back to School Time! Karl talks about getting ready for the fall, the launch of his preteen ministry and creative recruiting tools!

Adventure Bible, Preteen Ministry, and Recruiting
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