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Is Your Name in God's Book of Life?

At our church we painted a very large (8' X 12') picture of a book on the back wall in our Kidz Worship Center. After any of our kidz accept Jesus into their hearts and are baptized they get to literally write their name on our "Book of Life." This generates lots of excitement with not only our ki...

Super Book olympics

Super Book Olympics is a teaching unit that can be used in Children's Church, VBS, Midweek Programs. Published by One Way Street

Coupon book for dad

Have the kids in your class make a coupon book for their dad.

The Wrong Book

We are not accidents. We are part of God's plan and creation.

Ten Questions or I'm Thinking of a Bible Book

Here is another game to teach or review the books of the Bible.

Bible Book Scramble

Here is a game can be used to teach what sections of the Bible different books belong to

Bible book duck duck goose

Someone may have suggested this already but I thought it was a great way to teach the books of the Bible and my kids love it!

A Narnia Discipleship Book for Children

This Narnia Discipleship Book for Children is intended to help young children as they start their faith and learn how to grow in it! This devotional book is a great resource for helping your kids begin their new walk in Christ.

A Book of Books

Show kids that the Bible is many books combined.

Written Testimony Book

Instructions on how to create a book of all your kids testimonies.

Rites of Passage: A Father's Blessing Book Review

"Rite of Passage: A Father's Blessing" Book Review

10 Questions: Bible Book Edition

A popular game used to teach kids the Bible Books

Book Review: 9 Things They Didn't Teach Me in College About Children's Ministry

This great new book by Ryan Frank provides great insight on chidren's ministry through practical advice, inspiring stories and insightful interviews.

Old Testament Book Search

Quickness of the memory and hands will help each team as they try to be the first team to complete a word search together.

Kidology Report: Book Report - Reveal by Greg Hawkins & Cally Parkinson

The Kidology Report reviews the book Reveal by Greg Hawkins & Cally Parkinson, which helps answer the questions "Am I leading an effective ministry?" and "How would I even know I'm being effective?"

Kidology Report: Book Report - The 'Faith At Home' series

The Kidology Report reviews the "Faith At Home" series by Mark Holmen, discussing how churches can focus on family ministry and equip the home to be the primary place where faith is nurtured.

Kidology Report: Book Report - Kid CEO by Ed Young Jr.

The Kidology Report reviews the book Kid CEO by Ed Young Jr., which challenges parents to take back God-given leadership role in their homes.

Power Theme Series 7 - Power of the Great Book

Lesson 7 of the Power Theme Series. God's Word is our road map that will instruct us how to get to heaven. As we follow this road map, we will one day see King Jesus in heaven. We may find the directions on a map hard to follow sometimes, yet we know they are correct and will get us to our destinati...

Kidology Report: Book Report - Children's Ministry Leadership: The You-Can-Do-It Guide

The Kidology Report reviews the book Children's Ministry Leadership: The You-Can-Do-It Guide by Jim Wideman, which provides helpful step-by-step guidance for getting things "up and running" in the world of children's ministry.

Kidology Report: Book Report - Who Made the Moon?

The Kidology Report reviews the book Who Made the Moon? A Father Explores How Faith and Science Agree by Sigmund Brouwer, which explores the conflicts between faith and science, while walking through a historical journey on the topics.

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