Foretold Easter Single Lesson

Operation: ThanksForetold is a single Easter lesson by Karl Bastian & Stanley Mearse exploring the fulfilled prophesies that prove Jesus IS the Messiah.  This curriculum is FREE for Kidology All Access Members.

Through the use of fun illusions and a messy, EGGciting object lesson, help children discover just how amazing and unique Jesus was.

More than just a great man and teacher, Jesus was the fulfillment of a great promise that was foretold a long time ago in the Old Testament. That is why we celebrate Easter. The promised Savior proved once and for all who He was when He walked out of the grave Alive!

Your 19-page PDF lesson download includes:

    •    Welcome Activity
    •    Opening Greeting
    •    Opening Illusion (2 options)
    •    Game with a Point
    •    Lesson: Prophecies Fulfilled!
    •    Object Lesson: Empty Egg
    •    Gospel Presentation
    •    EGGbert the Egg Lesson
    •    Optional Activity/Project
    •    Closing Prayer

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