Thank you so very much for an incredible website. It is so easy to use and has wonderful information. I am thanking God right this minute for His work in your life and how He is using you to minister to children; not only the children in your immediate presence but even to children on the other side of the globe.
- Laura in Okinawa, Japan
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Devotionals Zone

Need to give a DEVOTIONAL at the next meeting or gathering?

Looking for a 'little something' to encourage someone, or re-focus a group?

These devotions are about children, or children's ministry, but are designed for adults rather than for using with kids, as most of the other ideas on the site are.

Have a nice devotional you have shared?  Please share it here too!


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Guest Reeses Cup Communion Devotional

Communion Devotional
Basic Where is Faith?

Three children from India learn about Faith.

Guest Come Here, Kids!

Jesus offers this instruction to His disciples as though they really needed this clear word to remove any doubt about His attitude about children. The word “suffer” means literally to “let.” It would be better read, “Let the little children come.” It carries the idea of “being commanded” to “welcome the children to come to Jesus!”  

Premium The Children's Pastor Who Changed the World

A great story about a great Children's Pastor.

Premium A Kidmin House of Cards?

Do you ever feel like your whole ministry is about to come crashing down? This may encourage you...  

Leadership Perseverance
Premium A Shift in Focus

A look at our Basic Needs, the Fundamental Question behind them, and the Fear that drives them.

Spiritual Growth
Premium Da Bible Feet - Noah

A Kids Church Video featuring “Da Feet.” An introduction for a lesson on Noah.

Premium Falling Parachuter

An illustration that teaches total surrender. Originally written for a lesson on work/service.

Total Surrender
Premium Let the Children Come to Me (a sermon)

This is a sermon on the passages of Jesus blessing the children that you can use to teach about the value of children.

Premium The Power of Choices

Devotional About the Power of Choices, both Large and Small

Choices, Wisdom
Basic The Power of Encouragement

Karl, the Kidologist has had a note from Phil Vischer's mom up next to his desk for over 15 years... find out why!

Young Leader Encouragement
Premium Every Child Needs a Daddy to Love Them

A Godly reminder about the reason we serve children in the Lord's name. Many kids have been through a lot and come from broken homes. What a privilege it is to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to let every little kid we come in contact with, know that they are loved.

Mark 10:14
Premium A Narnia Discipleship Book for Children

This Narnia Discipleship Book for Children is intended to help young children as they start their faith and learn how to grow in it! This devotional book is a great resource for helping your kids begin their new walk in Christ.

Children's Ministry, Discipleship Book
Premium Are You a Carbonated Geyser?

Remember the parched and thirsty deer that yearns for a drink at the cool waters? Maybe it's time to rethink that imagery in light of New Testament teaching.

Ministry Direction, Change
Premium As Unique As a Snowflake

This simple Bible lesson for preschoolers is perfect for those Sundays when you have snow on the ground. It could be used in Sunday School or Kids church. Some families could also use it as an outline for a family devotion.

Preschool Bible Lesson
Premium Christmas Devotional: A Time of Giving or Receiving?

 Teach your children that receiving is better than giving...

Christmas, Devotional, Gift Giving, Receiving
Premium Family Fun Devotions: Reminder Rocks

Exciting family fun night with devotional on Joshua 4.

Family Night, Activities, Rocks
Premium Family Fun Devotions: Resist the Devil

What is temptation? Is being tempted wrong? Check out this family devotional to learn about how Jesus resisted temptation, and how we can too!

Premium God Has a Positive Answer

An encouraging way to look at what God says compared to what we say and think.

Premium God in a Box

Home is where the heart is. Church is where Jesus is. And where Jesus is, it's not a box.

Devotion, God, Church
Premium He's Not Asleep... He's Dead!

A true story that illustrates that kids are often smarter than we realize!

Teaching Kids the Truth
Premium Is Your Calling Changing?

God is good at clarifying your calling.

Ministry Direction, Change
Premium KidMin: The Navy Seals of Ministry

A description of those in Kids Ministry and how they compare to the Navy Seals.

Ministry, Kidmin
Premium Printable Devotions for Kids

Devotionals that will help your kidmin get into God's Word and grow in their faith. 

Premium Teaching Your Children To Be Friends With God

An activity that helps kids become better friends with God

Premium The Lord is My Shepherd

PowerPoint Devotional on Psalm 23

Psalm, Relationships,
Premium We All Need to Recharge in Christ - Devotion

Are you fully charged to do what God has called you to do? Make sure you're plugged into THE power source. 

Technology, Relationships
Premium We All Worship Differently

A PowerPoint devotional Adapted from Gary Thomas' book Sacred Pathways that summarizes the different ways we connect with God.

worship, connect, pathways
Premium What the Gospel Demands of Parents

What does the Gospel require of parents? Here are four lessons that parents should be modeling in their homes.

Gospel, Parenting
Premium Wise Kids Still Seek Him

Here is a Christmas devotional on helping kids make "wise" choices about following Christ and seeking the treasure He gives.

Christmas Devotional
Premium It’s No Wonder about those “Little Wonders”

Jesus chose to illustrate his own mission in coming to "save that which was lost" by telling of a shepherd who leaves his ninety- nine sheep to find just one errant lamb.

Value of Children
Premium The Way Up is the Way Down

So “get down!” Then, you will be “lifted up” and considered a candidate for “greatness” in the kingdom of heaven. “Jesus came to serve and not be served.” It is the role of the servant leader then, one who is content to work behind the scenes.

Premium When Jesus Became Indignant

A surprising thing happened in Perea while Jesus and his disciples were traveling together. The account is significant because it demonstrates, again, how Jesus used the occasion to instruct the disciples in what was important about His Kingdom.

Value of Children
Premium A Way to Make Praise & Worship Fun

Do the kids "enter in" or "zone out" during your Praise and Worship segments? Here's a fun way to get the kids to put their heart into praise.

Premium Feed My Lambs

The obvious question, "Do you love me more than these?" when asked three times, ultimately "rocked" Peter's world. In order to take seriously Jesus' commission, "Feed My Lambs," Peter had to change his whole orientation to ministry. Now he had a ministry mandate that included nurturing the children, the lambs! Therefore, his obediently humbling himself to minister to children became the "litmus test" of his loving Jesus. Dare we do less? (Based on John 21:15-20)

First Commission to Child Nurture
Premium God of the Incredible

God can and will do incredible things!

Premium God Still Speaks Through Donkeys!

I know it can be chaotic when working with children, but He wants to speak; if we would just learn to listen.

Premium Hospitality in the Face of Hostility

The story of Gaius and Diotrephes: A talk teaching the difference between humble leadership and proud, selfish, show-off leadership. (3 John

Premium Jesus! - A Devotional for Children's Ministry Leaders

Find Jesus where your students would.

Premium Keep your childish point of view!

Children look at the world through innocent eyes... we can learn something from them.

Premium Praying for Rabbits?

If God cares enough to send rabbits (even HUGE ones) for a little toddler, how much more will he hear and answer the needs we bring to Him that are much more important.

Premium Romans 12:2

A story that helps children understand that their brain is poluted by the world we live in and it must be renewed (cleaned) daily with the Word of God and prayer

Christian Living
Premium The Don Pablo's Children's Ministry

Maybe when we learn the P.R. skills of Don Pablos, we’ll find God unleashing His awesome blessing on our ministry like never before.

Premium The Ten Foot Rule

What can Wal-Mart teach us about church?


"I've gone for 30 years now," he wrote, "and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 sermons. But for the life of me, I can't remember a single one of them.  So I think I'm wasting time and the pastors are wasting theirs by giving sermons at all." How would you answer that charge?

Church Attendance
Premium You-Know-Who - A Devotional for Children's Ministry Leaders

Become a prayer fanatic for you-know-who because that kid needs God’s love.

Premium Bible Reading Plan for Kids

This is a daily Bible Reading Plan with several options for kids to follow.

Bible Reading Plan
Premium Feed Your Enemy

A woman wrote to "Pulpit Helps" to explain a miraculous lesson her family experienced. During one of their family Bible readings as new Christians, they ran across the verse, "If your enemy is hungry, feed him" (Romans 12:20). She writes.... (a lesson her son learned about loving an enemy at school.)

Loving Your Enemy
Premium Losing Your Marbles Is Good for You

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable..... (prepare your heart for a powerful lesson)

Time Management
Premium 10 Common Mistakes That Stifle Children's Pastors

Ten things to avoid in your children's ministry.

Key Concepts for Ministry


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