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Our budget was cut by $1400 but was told not to count on the money that was left because it was only on paper. So we were so thankful to find the Open Source curriculum on Kidology. We all love it, the kids too.
-Tamara Jones
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God can make a hero out of anyone! Superheroes of the Faith is a 5-lesson series for just $33.  Download today!

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How do you spell S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N?

U-Turn Cards -- new from Karl Bastian -- create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrate the "Romans Road" salvation message.

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Discovering God's Path Curriculum is a 3-year reproducible curriculum released FREE on a rotating quarterly basis as a benefit for Kidology Premium Members

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The Problem of Second Generation Christianity

Do “Second Generation Christians” really understand the Gospel message?

Beyond the Classroom

If you minister to kids you have a powerful opportunity to impact lives in dramatic ways, and the small amount of effort it takes may surprise you.

Draw the Bible; Turn Off the DVD Player

Karl presents a creative teaching style and encourages us to stop using the DVD player while teaching.

Heritage Builders Bulletin Insert - July 2014

Heritage Builders "Generation to Generation" bulletin insert for July 2014

Sexting: A Digital Topic to Talk About With Your Teen

Five points for talking to your teen about sexting.

How To Get Rest in the Busyness of Summer

How children's ministry leaders can enjoy their summer and find rest in busyness.

Follow the Voice!

Here is a game you can use to help teach the story of Samson.

Volunteer Evaluation Worksheet

An evaluation worksheet that can be used to help gain feedback as well as help volunteers evaluate their performance.

I'd Cotton to Some Candy

A puppet skit on Daniel 3 that teaches that God is always God.

What's Your Excuse?

An inspiring story from Karl about at 67 year old that is not making excuses when it comes to ministry.

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Kidmin Talk - 010 the Gospel

When I get to present the Gospel to kids who have little knowledge about God and/or the Bible - I usually use a combination of story telling that illu...

Kidmin Talk - 010 the Gospel

Im going to be listening to this podcast this week, but because I'm in the process of helping design the teaching content for my church's weekly Satur...

check in -and out system for preteen

Our Childrens Ministry is downstairs and we are the only thing downstairs so we have the habit of saying come down instead of drop off. Sounds like a...

check in -and out system for preteen

Yes I mean drop off. Our Childrens Ministry is downstairs and we are the only thing downstairs so we have the habit of saying come down instead of dro...

check in -and out system for preteen

One thing we do at our church is that a kid can come down by them selves but a parent has to come pick them up. By "come down" you mean the drop off...

check in -and out system for preteen

One thing we do at our church is that a kid can come down by them selves but a parent has to come pick them up. This was brand new for us when we star...

Kid’s Christian badges/patches

Curious about what you decided to do re: patches. I found a vendor who manufactures pins. www.lapelpinsexpress.com...

Amazing Kids! Amazing God!

What a great response! So happy for you that God was present and your Team encouraged! ...

Kids Worship Values

The wording of this may not best emphasize our goal for each weekend but here goes... Our worship is pre-structured. We know ahead of time what songs...

check in -and out system for preteen

Thank you Karl, those concerns had happened last Sunday, what should I do now? Can you give me some tips.. ...

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New in Online Training

Ban This Word from Kidmin

Espresso Education! - A Shot of Concentrated Kidmin Training. In this episode Karl talks about a word he wants BANNED from children's ministry as we realize our value to God as we minister to kids!

Surviving and Thriving in Leadership

Learn life lessons from a twenty year veteran of ministry who shares openly what he has learned about how to survive and thrive in ministry.

Episode 7: Object Lessons!

The seventh episode of "The Kids Church Cooking Show", a training video for The Kids Church Cookbook, takes a look at the many ways you can use object lessons to enhance your teaching in children's church.

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Children's Ministry Director
There is a Children's Ministry Director job opening in MA

Director of Children's and Youth Ministries
There is a Director of Children's and Youth Ministries job opening in NE

Children's Ministry Pastor
There is a Children's Ministry Pastor job opening in OR

KIDS Pastor
There is a KIDS Pastor job opening in Ga

Director of Family Ministries
There is a Director of Family Ministries job opening in NJ

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Worlds of Wow!
Worlds of Wow! is the #1 company partnering with churches creating ridiculously cool, fun environments impacting kids and families.

Kids Bible Coloring Pages
Use these free, printable Bible coloring pages for your church in your Children's Ministry, Sunday School or any other group. Your children will have a fun time learning all the books of the Bible by creatively coloring each page and coloring bible scripture pages.

Kid's Fest Live, Inc.
We believe that elementary and preteens deserve excellence. No short-cuts! Our stage and style show just that. President and Founder, Jeff Hooper has served in Children's Ministry for over 20 years and his desire is contagious when reaching this generation!

Sparrow Chalk Art Ministries
Children's Ministry of Chalk and Blacklight Drawings, Original VBS and Camp Programs and Unique Upbeat Music with Scripture as the basis of the presentations.

Well Equipped Volunteer
Hi! My name is Janelle and I help small churches equip their children's ministry volunteers!

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

Kidmin Talk #071 - July 21st, 2014
Karl shares what apps he uses to make ministry easier and more effective with an iPad; from management to volunteer encouragement to child security to connecting with kids. This is the age of iMinistry!

Kidmin Talk #070 - June 30th, 2014
Karl dropped by Awana Headquarters to sit down with Michael Scarbrough to get the "inside scoop" on some new and exciting changes happening at Awana. You'll learn Awana is more of a global mission than merely a club ministry and how your church can benefit from Awana.

Kidmin Talk #069 - May 9th, 2014
Children's Evangelist Barney Kinard joins Karl to talk about practical methods and tips for leading kids to Jesus as well as questions and issues around this central topic.

Kidmin Talk #068 - April 15, 2014
Recruiting is an ever present duty of kidmin leaders and so a popular topic. But you'll have a lot less recruiting to do if you discover the secrets of RETAINING the volunteers you already have. Karl provided proven tips to keeping volunteers so you won't have as many empty spots to fill.

Kidmin Talk #067 - March 18, 2014
Minister like Jesus - intentionally disciple some kids one on one. Not sure how? Karl offers very practical suggestions from what to do when you meet, how to be effective, and suggests resources to help.

From The Kidologist, Karl Bastian


Steve Jobs Helping Kidmin?


Since everyone and their brother is jumping on the "what Steve Jobs would say" band wagon, I'm going to jump on too and suggest that Steve Jobs would be delighted that his invention of the iPad has just made kids safer at church! Now, I know he wasn't a big fan of things religious, but I think even he would be pleased to know that because of KidCheck's new iPad App the following are true:

  • Checking in kids securely at church is faster and easier! (and more relational)
  • Parents can enroll their children with ease on their own iPads!
  • Parents can instantly add or remove approved guardians with KidCheck accounts right from their own iPads.
  • Leaders can check if someone picking up a child is approved quickly and easily if they have a licensed iPad approved by the leadership.
  • Medical information can be attained quickly and easily in an emergency by an approved leader instantly by scanning a child's name tag using the camera on an iPad right from within the new KidCheck App!
  • Parents can use an iPad at a station at church to check their children in or be greeted by a friendly staff member at church who can check them in - no more clunky impersonal and confusing giant computers that put off new visitors.

If Steve Jobs were alive today, I can see him demonstrating KidCheck at one of his large events just to show how his invention is changing lives, keeping kids safe, and making life easier for children's pastors. Can't you?

To learn more about KidCheck's new iPad App visit any of the following links, and remember, Kidology.org Premium Members SAVE on KidCheck's awesome services!

BONUS: Enjoy my latest podcast where I describe the app in more detail, PLUS many more Kidmin Apps: iMinistry: Kidmin Apps


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FINAL DiscipleTown Unit!
DiscipleTown Unit 24
"How to Walk in Victory"

Discovering God's Path Curriculum The Kids Church Cooking Show - Episode 5: Stories The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Learn about DiscipleTown

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