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Scar Force VBS from TruthQuest

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Very Nearby...
<i>Scar Force </i> VBS from TruthQuest

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Scar Force, TruthQuest's exciting sci-fi themed VBS, takes kids back to the beginning, where the epic saga of God versus evil began, launching them on a sweeping adventure through the key moments of all the Bible.

From the Garden of Eden to the escape from Egypt, from the rise and fall of Israel to the arrival of God's Chosen One, kids see the unfolding epic saga of God's fight for our lives, culminating in His triumphant return in the book of Revelation. This is the real saga. This is the true force.

Scar Force trains children to not merely believe in Jesus, but to become J-Di's (Jesus Disciples). Serving Jesus in all of their thoughts, words and actions, these J-Di's become a Scar Force, serving our scarred Master and standing for His Truth and justice.

Explore the Theme, Daily Overview, Samples, and Delivery Information!

PLUS... this VBS includes a FREE copy of Kidology's VBS Follow-Up Kit!

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