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Wow I've just been exposed to Kidology and I'm so upset that I didn't find it sooner. It's been such a blessing to my life as a Children's Pastor and its ministered to my personal life so thank you! May God continue to Bless you guys.
-Wendy Urena
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Category List: Curriculum, Websites
Organization: Courtyard Games
Organization URL: www.courtyard-games.com
Name: Gary Lewis
Email: gazzalew@dodo.com.au
Phone: 61412331256
Region: International
Description: Two years after the amazing national and international success of Court Yard Games Book 1 … at long last 20 more action-packed games and puzzles—mostly original and some traditional, redeveloped or adapted.

These games and puzzles have been designed for children’s workers & Chaplains in PRIMARY SCHOOLS—again using minimal resources whilst maximizing your impact.

Most of these games are competitive but they are all non-contact and non-aggressive. Some of the activities are non-competitive problem solving such as ‘Happy Feet’ or ‘Tri Links’ and others are strategy games such as ‘Tops’ or ‘Four on the Floor’. And whilst others are simply games of chance such as ‘Mouse Hunt’ or ‘Caterpillar Derby’; some others require patience and skill such as ‘Down the Tube’, ‘Marble Kiss’ and ‘Elephant’s Snot’ ** which also requires teamwork. Lastly, some of these Courtyard Games work well for individual participants (sometimes I offer them in one-on-one chat sessions as an ice-breaker or as a fun activity after a heavy session); some for partners and some for a group / team. One thing is for sure—they are all fun—especially as you engage with children. And of course, as you develop your range of games, you will quickly discover that not only will many children come to have their favorites … so will you.

**In certain cultures this term may be offensive, so please be sensitive to the beliefs and customs of the children with whom you may find yourself working with. Please accept my sincere apology if any offense is taken. The title for this game came about as a spontaneous response from children and teachers when the game was first introduced. As I have essentially chosen to use this title within an Australian context; my suggested alternative name for the game is ‘Squishy Tunnel’.
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