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Title: Be a Blow Pop Not a Dum Dum
Author/Source: Darrell Wickert
Topic: Salvation
Summary: When Jesus comes into our lives, we get something special. You can be one of two suckers: a Blow Pop or a Dum Dum.
Be a Blow Pop Not a Dum Dum Supplies: A Blow Pop and a Dum Dum for each child.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:30

We turned this object lesson into a theme for a big day giving away Blow Pops to each child and a case of Blow Pops to the kids that brought the most visitors.

We can take a Blow Pop and a Dum Dum and compare the two.

A Blow Pop lasts longer than a Dum Dum. A Christian is going to last longer than a dumdum because they will live in heaven for eternity.

A Blow Pop is bigger than a Dum Dum. A Christian lives a life that takes the high road. God has called us to be bigger than gossip, bickering, or petty things.

A Blow Pop has something on the inside. A Christian has Jesus living in his heart. When we accept Jesus, he comes in to be a part of our lives through a relationship with Him.
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