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My 3-year-old has entered a fun, new stage in life. In the past, any time I would ask him a question starting with, "Do you know...," he would answer "yes," even if he didn't. Last week, I encouraged him to answer, "No, tell me," if he in fact didn't know an answer.

It has now turned into a game where he has me ask him questions, and loves answering, "No, tell me," before I launch into explaining to him another aspect of our amazing world. He has discovered that if he asks, I will tell him things he doesn't already know, and he LOVES learning new things. Plus, with this new openness to learning, I'm teaching him about things I otherwise probably wouldn't have yet.

It got me thinking about my relationship with my Father. How often do I go through the day acting like I know everything, or at least, everything I need to know to get through the day. But my Father delights when I admit I have more to learn and ask him, "Tell me more." There are many things He will show me when He sees that I am open and eager to learn. I may know enough to get through the day, but I want more. I want to learn more about Him, about His world, and about His plan for my life.

Maybe it is time to turn to your heavenly Father, and say, "Tell me more," because He will!

Because Jesus Loves Children,
Karl D. Bastian - a.k.a. "The Kidologist"


Kidology March MadnessCongratulations go out to Kidology member Belinda Cross, victor in our Kidology March Madness contest. She will receive a Kidology Resource Prize Pack and a $100 Kidology Store Shopping Spree!

After sorting through 30-40 submissions, followed by both a Top Ten and Final Four vote, Belinda's submission of week-to-week Easter adventure based on the TV show The Amazing Race came out on top in our voting! Check it out for yourself...

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This "Unconference for Children's Pastors" takes place at 3P Ranch in Circleville, Ohio, from May 18-20. We will be learning about horses, saddling up, hiking, spending time in the Word, having bonfires, enjoying nature, laughing, and bonding together.

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Kidology March MadnessWe had a lot of great submissions during our month-long Kidology March Madness Contest. While not everyone could win the grand prize, we wanted to make you aware of these creative examples from others in Kidologyland. Here's a look at the finalists:

Episode 11 of Kidology's Children's Ministry Podcast is available for download. In this free podcast, Karl wraps up his 3-part series on how to be a Children's Ministry Missionary - reaching kids from within their culture.

This episode discusses how to use the artifacts of kid culture - toys - to be more effective in our ministry. Brought to you by Fidelity Bible Kits, creators of the amazing scale model of Noah's Ark.

"I have extremely enjoyed the last 3 podcast episodes! I have always known some parts of this, but haven't ever been able to put it into words. Thanks Karl, for the great podcast!" - Jeff D. Robb

Download and listen to Episode 11
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CM & Baseball"It's that time again... when baseball practices and games are constantly creating a challenge for scheduling children's ministry events," writes Network Forums member LoriBee.

"I am not anti-sports, but it does create a problem when you are trying to schedule ministry events. Does anyone else have this "challenge" and if so, how do you handle it?"

How do you BAT-tle this challenge?

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Easter Zone We all know that Easter is more than bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps! But how do you relate Christ's resurrection with your kids? Grab some fresh ideas eggsploring our collection of Easter resources. There's still time to pull everything together for Easter Sunday.

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To Charge Or Not To Charge"I know a lot of churches charge for different events," notes Forums member xtremeguy.

"But I have always remained a little 'iffy' on the idea of charging people, particularly when it involves children. When do you charge for an event? How do you justify it?"

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