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Kidmin Talk #061 - October 23, 2013


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A Recruiting Game Plan

Welcome to Kidmin Talk, Kidology's weekly webcast show hosted by Karl Bastian.  Listen here on Kidology or subscribe via iTunes to listen on-the-go.

Jessica KlinkerSPONSOR: This episode is sponsored by Kidology Coaching - and our new coach: Jessica Klinker

FEATURED MUSIC: Stuck in the Nursery with You - RPM




Recruiting G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.

G = Go to God

A = Assemble a Team (You can't do it alone!)

M = Make a List of Needs (and define them)

E = Examine your Ministry (honesty, why don't people serve? or, why do they quit?)


P = Prepare them! (Job descriptions, training and orientation.)

L = Love on your volunteers! (It is easier to keep 'em than replace 'em)

A = Address the Atmosphere (Make CM the place to be!) - The K4K Campaign!

N = Notice Needs (and meet them!)


The IMK4KRU Recruiting Campaign:

Phase 1 - K4K Teaser Logo

Phase 2 - I'm K4K RU? Logo

Phase 3 - The Campaign, everyone wearing the gear from: cafepress.com/imk4kru

If you are interested in more info and Word docs and downloads, see the forum discussion linked below!

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Bumper music by Rob Biagi Music available on Kidology! Booking info at RobBiagi.com

This week featured Stuck in the Nursery with You from Righteous Pop Music (Vol. 6) from CreativeMin.com


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