KICKRICKulum <i>Tabernacle I Into the Outer Court</i> Elementary Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)
KICKRICKulum Tabernacle I Into the Outer Court Elementary Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)

Each KICKit contains the following:

Check out these 7 lesson titles. Each one is packed full of visual and hands on learning to encourage children to pursue a life of unbroken fellowship with God! PowerPoint Presentations now included for each lesson!

Table O’ Lessons
  1. A Will... A (Perfect) Way: God’s perfect will
  2. Relationship Not, Religion: Fellowship with God
  3. A Stone’s Throw Away: Man’s sin dilemma
  4. Don’t Cut Out the Middle Man!: Jesus makes a way
  5. Always Open 24/7/365: Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice
  6. That’s Choice!: Chosen by God
  7. You Gotta’ Come Clean:
  8. Sanctification
PDFDownload Don't Cut Out the Middle Man
(PDF, 667KB)

PowerPointDownload Lesson 4 PowerPoint Sample
(PPT, 1.17MB)

What’s Included:Also check out Tabernacle II – Behind the Veil – a 6 lesson series that takes you behind the veil into the Tabernacle Holy Place.

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