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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

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All Access Why is Jesus Better than Santa Claus?

All Access Give your heart to Jesus!

All Access The Never-Ending Gift!

All Access The Chistmas Story Shuffle

All Access 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Technically

All Access Why Christmas? (a poem)

All Access Christmas Carol Lyrics

Christian Life
All Access Play-Doh Christmas Game

All Access Wisemen Gifts

All Access Spread the Word

The purpose of this game is two-fold. First, to visualize the need to work together to spread the Gospel (the Good News) as far as possible. Secondly, in a surprise twist to illustrate how often in our zeal to reach people far away, we miss those right next to us!

All Access Use Instructions

You will need two card tables and a mixed up puzzle for each team (one puzzle with box top that shows how to make it.)

All Access Verse Mirrors

The object of the game is to write a verse in mirror image on a poster board. You will need 2 small mirrors and 1 large mirror.

All Access Give-Away Monopoly

small group activity to teach the importance of stewardship

All Access You're Music in the Hand of the Master

Christian Life
All Access What if you used an Oscilloscope on God!?

All Access Jesus in the Penalty Box

All Access The Finest Perfume (Mother's Day)

All Access Cool Guy

Kids are imitating "Cool Guy" even when he hurts himself! A funny spoof on how far to imitate others.

Peer Pressure
All Access God is Your Spotter

You start with little weights and move up to big weights. The same is true in our spiritual life. If we aren’t even attempting little things for God, He will never be able to use us for anything great.

Faith - Strength
All Access Saying THANKS

It's never too late to say thanks. "It's time to dig out those thank you cards," writes Pastor Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. "You better 'make your list, and check it twice' - because if you forget someone, it won't be nice!"


Fruit of the Spirit
All Access Kidologist's Christmas Songs

These are Christmas songs written by Karl Bastian to the tune of other popular children's church songs.

Christmas Songs
All Access So Clean You Can Lick the Bowl!

All Access Watch Out For Spiritual Fleas!

Christian Life
All Access The Importance of TUBAS

All Access Two Dollar Bill

All Access What Makes A Gift a GIFT?

All Access What' s your FOCUS on?

Christian Life
All Access Wordless Crayons

All Access The UPs and DOWNs of a YO-YO Life

Christian Life
All Access The Screen Saver Pre-Installed in Every Kid!

Teaching Tip
All Access How to lose your job....

Kidologist's Blog DewDate 11-07-2003

The Real Thing
All Access Unknown Firefighters

Kidologist's Blog DewDate 11-01-2003

California Fires
All Access A True Friend

A true friend C.A.R.E.S.

All Access Me For King

This powerpoint shows the classic visual model of 'who is sitting on the throne of your life.'

All Access Markers

Funny picture of toddler who drew all over a baby's face with permanent marker.

Sin is Permanent
All Access The Art of Kupstacko

A goofy introduction of Speed Stacks.

Speed Stacks
Free The Hulk Movie Review

Well, HULK FEVER is BACK! Once again, it is cool to be GREEN! The HULK is everywhere from Mountain Dew cans to coloring books and toys and video games due to the Hulk Movie that came out in June 2003.

Movie Review
All Access Color You Crazy!

Kidologist's Blog Archive - April 2003 DewDate 10-30-2003

Online Brain Teaser!
All Access Satan's Lies and God's Truths

Satan can be so tricky and all you need to prove it is 2 team leaders, candy, and fruit. Have fun!

All Access A Pumpkin Object Lesson

Christian Life
All Access If God is So Powerful, Why Doesn't He Fix All of our Problems?

Christian Life
All Access PreSchool Craft/Turkey Thanks

Kids trace their hand and write things for which they are thankful.

All Access A Kernel of Thanks

Meal or class idea using a kernel of corn as a reminder to be thankful for what we have.

All Access USS Thanksgiving (A Boat Full of Thanks)

Family (or classroom) craft idea to thank God for blessings on others.

All Access Balloon Turkey

Make a turkey craft using a rubber glove.

All Access Thanksgiving Name Acronym of Thanks

Use letters in your name to begin things for which you are thankful.

All Access The First Thanksgiving

Historical Records of the First Thanksgiving

All Access Thanksgiving Myths and Other Facts

Things you may not know about the history of Thanksgiving that you can use to teach.

All Access Turkey Facts (some serious, mostly fun)

Lots of miscellaneous facts about the bird we all love to eat this time of year.

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