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All Access Why Isn't It Working?

Despite all our best efforts, the kids in your ministry sometimes still stray from the faith. How can we as leaders help keep kids on the right path?

Salvation, Evangelism
Free Why Online Church is Not Church

Is church still church if it's online?

What is the Church?
Free Why Our Churches Need More Fathers and Fewer Teachers

There is no shortage of hired teachers in the Christian community. Our culture doesn’t need more tutors.  It doesn’t lack for knowledge. It lacks for fathers. It lacks for people who lay down their lives because they would rather see their sons do more and be more than them.

Fathers, Teachers
All Access Why People Aren't Excited about Your Children's Ministry

Do you feel tired and frustrated by the lack of support and excitement for your ministry? Here are strategic questions to ask to help you examine why.

Vision, Volunteers, Parents
All Access Why We Lose Our Children When They Become Teenagers

How do we help teens learn freedom and independence while maintaining boundaries for healthy growth?

Spiritual Growth, Parenting Issues
Free Why We Need Sunday School Ministry

Do we really need to have Sunday School classes?  

Teaching and Training
Free Why We Need Sunday School Ministry

Just how important is Sunday School? Read this article and you will understand the importance of Sunday School Ministry!

Sunday School
All Access Why You Need to Become a Student of Pop Culture

Children today follow and are excited by what is popular in culture. How much of this "pop culture" should a children's ministry leader know or be familiar with? How does this affect your ministry to kids?

Pop Culture, Connecting with Kids
Free Why You Should Always Skip Your Kids' Baseball Games

This article explores the danger of helicopter parenting in turbulent times.

Family Life
All Access Why Your Church Needs a Children's Check-In Solution

Why does your church need a children's check-in solution? Here are the main reasons.

Check-In Solution
All Access Winners and Losers

Suggestions on how to handle ministry turf wars and deal with known ministry priorities.

Priority, Budget, Programs
All Access Wise Kids Still Seek Him

Here is a Christmas devotional on helping kids make "wise" choices about following Christ and seeking the treasure He gives.

Christmas Devotional
All Access Words of Affirmation

Huge list of phrases you can tell your kids or volunteers to encourage them and affirm them

Encouragement, Volunteers
Starter YOU are a Bible Character

Did you know that YOU are a "Bible Character?"

All Access You Kept Me From Drowning!

It’s really scary to be in over your head, in rough and deep uncharted waters. The frantic efforts to preserve life when taking in water, thrashing about, scared and panicked about what’s next. Managing to gasp for breath, while trying to stay afloat, is overwhelming.

All Access You Need These 7 Things If You Want To Make A Change This Year

Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes it happens through us and sometimes they both happen at the same time! So, if you are currently in the process of leading change, here are seven items you will need to initiate change.

Initiating Change
All Access Your Decision To Leave

So you have decided to leave your position as Children’s Leader at your church. Perhaps “going for the door” was not an easy decision to make. On the other hand, it just might have been the obvious choice. God has been speaking to you and you have agreed, it's time to turn in your resignation.

All Access Your Gift To God

Taking care of God’s babies, new Christians, is also a lot of work but is very rewarding. If you do your best and rely on the Holy Spirit, those new Christians will soon be growing, walking on their own, and helping others to grow!

All Access Your KidMin is NOT New Family Friendly

How kid-friendly is your church? 

Kid Friendly Church
All Access Your Life Verse

A Life Verse can be your favorite verse from the Bible—you know, a verse that you really like or want to model. How does your Life Verse relate to your Children’s Ministry?

Life Verse
All Access Your Moment is Now

God created you with a purpose, and despite your mistakes He desires to use you.

Motivational, Take Action,
All Access Your Personal Year in Review

What goals are you setting for the new year?  

New Year, Year in Review
All Access Your Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Job Descriptions for New Children's Ministry Programs

Use these guidelines, along with the downloadable template, to create your next job descriptions. 

Job Descriptions
All Access Your Worst Teacher is Better than the Best Video

Videos are fun, but live teachers are better... even the bad ones!

All Access Converting the Child-Care Model

When you allow your children’s ministry to be designated as a “child-care” program, you succumb to secularizing your ministry, which makes it more conducive to a “baby-sitting” service, than a legitimate ministry function that is complimentary to a church.

Child Care
All Access Effects of Teens of Divorce and How Mobile Devices Complicate Healing

Teenagers of divorcing parents need their parents to work on the relationship, but teens today are replacing these relationships with hyper-connectivity. Here are some important points that parents and ministry leaders need to know.

Mobile Devices, Teens
All Access Fifty Nifty Parenting Ideas for Dads

50 every day simply and practical ideas for dads - little things that can make a BIG difference!

All Access How Divorce Affects Preschool Age Children

The signs that we should look for to see the effects of divorce on preschoolers.

Effects of Divorce on Preschoolers
All Access Resolute in the New Year

I think because New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last or are forgotten after several months, some people give up even making them. Others even encourage people not to for this very reason. I disagree. I think they are fantastic!

New Year's Resolutions
All Access Rethinking Follow-Up of Child Converts

A children’s evangelist gives us five steps that might just change the way you think about the follow-up of child converts. Drawing upon over 30 years of full-time evangelism experience with children, Rev. Barney Kinard challenges us to rethink what we are really doing with follow-up. These insights are not only thought provoking, but they can provide a framework to develop your own follow-up program.

All Access Rites of Passages for Children of Divorce

How important are rites of passages for children of divorce?

Rites of Passage
All Access Single Parents and Summer

How can churches help single parents during the summer?

Single Parents, Summer
All Access Thankful Hearts Lesson

Here is a fall-themed midweek outreach lesson plan that includes a 19-page Word doc with activities that can be used at any time during the year.

Fall-Themed Outreach Lesson Plan
All Access Travel Tips for Families

Some great ideas for surviving long drives in the car with kids!

Family / Travel
All Access Tweeners: PreTeen Ministry

This is a seminary research paper on the topic of ministry to preteen, 10-14 year old children in today's culture and church.

All Access Why I Believe In Object Lessons

This article explains the reasons why object lessons are important.

Object Lessons
All Access Why Collections Are Important to Children of Divorce

Here are some important reasons why children like making collections.

All Access 3 Steps to Successful Recruiting

I have 3 steps to help recruit in children's ministry. Know where you are going, know who you are recruiting, and know what's next.  

All Access “Focused, Joyful Play”: A Recipe to Motivate Godly Life--Change

Cultivating spiritual change is a lot like cooking. Jesus thought so anyway. Christ compared attitudes to yeast. A little bit of a strong attitude goes a long way. He warned that the legalism of the Pharisees could ruin a whole loaf of spirituality. As a children’s minister, you are a spiritual chef. You influence what spiritual ingredients to which the kids are exposed.

Spiritual Passion
All Access 14 Reasons Why Sunday School Has Declined and 14 Reasons Why Sunday School Could Grow

Over the next 20 years we could experience a virtual flood of new ideas and innovative concepts for the Sunday School hour. These innovative ideas will provide a boundless energy source for the revitalization of the Sunday School and other Discipleship ministries in the church over the coming decade.

All Access 21 Conversation Starters To Get Your Family Talking

Use these conversation starters to get your family talking!

Family, Conversation
All Access A Few Simple Rules of Thumb

Presenting A Lesson
All Access A Passover Celebration for Christian Families

A Passover celebration can be a significant worship and teaching event for Christian families.

Easter / Passover
All Access Accepting Christ at a Young Age

Very young children are capable of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. All it takes is making children aware of their need for redemption in a way they can understand.

Early Childhood Ministry/Salvation/Parenting
All Access Are You Taking Your 'Wife' for Granted?

Have you ever noticed a male pastor get so busy he ignores his wife?

Free Becoming a Problem?

Allow me to challenge you to accept these problems and not lose heart.

All Access Children Have Questions About The Attack On America

As America tries to come to terms with the vicious and deliberate attack on our nation, adults and children have been impacted. Many of the children we minister to are asking questions and trying to understand in their minds what happened this week. I would like to pass along the following encouragement and suggestions to those who minister to children.

All Access Discipline that Disciples

Making Your Discipline Problems Disappear!

Free Don't Waste Your Devotion

How do we encourage our kids to own their faith and love Jesus forever? The key is in our example.   

Passing On Faith To Your Kids
All Access For the Benefits of Others

Distributing the Load
So What Is Easter Anyway? Video Lesson KidCheck Check-In System Give Your Kidmin a Boost! Protect My Ministry Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministr DiscipleTown Unit 24 - Victory Next Steps for Kids Kidology Online Training
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