Righteous Pop Music (RPM) Volume 4 Download
Righteous Pop Music (RPM) Volume 4 Download

Written by popular parody artist Mark Bradford, Righteous Pop Music offers Christian lyrics written to the tune of popular songs, both old and new. Each album parodies familiar music from old and new styles (even television theme songs) to tell Bible stories. You will love the upbeat music and fun Christian message. RPMs are great for puppet performing, youth lip sync groups, or just plain listening pleasure.

The following lists the titles from this album along with the familiar tune. Click on the links to listen to song samples.

  1. Love is a Wonderful Thing
  2. Walk Like a Christian
    Walk Like an Egyptian
  3. My God
    My Girl
  4. Help Me Jesus
    Help Me Rhonda
  5. His Love Will Go On
    My Heart Will Go On
  6. Tell God About It
    Tell Her About It
  7. I Will Follow Him
  8. Payin' Your Tithe
    Stayin' Alive
  9. Put the Love of God in Your Heart
    Put a Little Love in Your Heart
  10. Sanctuarian Rhapsody
    Bohemian Rhapsody

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