River's Edge Cruisin' In My Father's Car Kids Church Curriculum

Take a ride down Route Romans 6.6 while Cruisin' In My Father's Car. Kids will encounter zany characters from the 1950's! Through this 8-week journey the basics of the Christian faith will come alive and leave a life long impression. Children will not only learn the foundations of their Christian beliefs, but also how to apply their faith as they travel life's road. Through fun, interactive, multi-sensory activities, children will start to develop a Biblical worldview.

The lessons contain drama, puppet scripts, interactive Bible stories, fun applications, games, crafts, snack ideas, Bible memory activities, and parent take-home pages. A PowerPoint presentation is provided to complement each lesson (available in either DVD or PC format). In addition, the lessons are written in such a way that a teacher can pick and choose activities based on the length and structure of the class.

Lessons include:

  1. Follow the Map: The Bible is God's Word
  2. Three Way Intersection: The Trinity is One God in Three Persons
  3. Road Construction Ahead: God Created You
  4. Stop: Sin is Disobeying God
  5. One Way: Only Jesus Can Erase Sin
  6. U-Turn: When You Repent, You Turn From Sin
  7. Rest Stop Ahead: God Wants Us to Be Part of the Church
  8. Scenic View Ahead: Jesus is Coming Again
PDFDownload Lesson 1 Sample
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