River's Edge Dr. Jones and the Secret of the Lost Keys Kids Church Curriculum

Through interactive, multi-sensory activities, Dr. Jones and the Secret of the Lost Keys helps children understand that God has a purpose for their lives. The lessons, based on the life of Moses, help children develop an understanding of the importance of giving their lives to God and daily trusting and relying on Him so they can fulfill that purpose. The children also learn that God gifts them with talents, experiences and personalities necessary for accomplishing His plan.

The lessons contain drama, puppet scripts, interactive Bible stories, fun applications, games, crafts, snack ideas, Bible memory activities, and parent take-home pages. A PowerPoint presentation is provided to complement each lesson (available in either DVD or PC format).

To tie in with the theming of this curriculum, there is a suggested "treasure" each week to give away to every child. It is a small, tangible item that reinforces the point of the day. In addition, the lessons are written in such a way that a teacher can pick and choose activities based on the length and structure of the class.

Lessons include:

  1. God's Valuable Treasure: Baby Moses in a Basket
  2. Designed For a Purpose: Moses and the Burning Bush
  3. Ears and Hearts Open Wide: Pharaoh and the Plagues
  4. Protected: The Passover
  5. Depending on God: The Parting of the Red Sea
  6. Who Do You Trust: The Israelites in the Desert
  7. Instructions to Live By: Moses Receiving the Ten Commandments
  8. Tempted: The Golden Calf
  9. Stars Bursting With Talent: The Building of the Tabernacle
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