The Story of God's Trees Storybook
The Story of God's Trees Storybook

Your purchase of The story of God's Trees provides THREE METHODS to present the story.

A Story Script is provided simply for reading and enjoying. We know you and your children will enjoy this fresh retelling of this class story.

Screen images are provided so that the story can be shared in a large group setting. These are created in standard 16:9 format in high resolution so they will look good on any size monitor or projection screen. Along with the images, we provide an Illustrated Script so that as the story is presented, a media person can tell when to advance the images.

Lastly, a Storybook version is provided so that the story can be told by a storyteller to a group of children. The video below explains how to print the book so that the illustrations are facing the audience while the text to read is facing the reader. It's a unique setup so that you don't have to print and bind it like a normal book.

Visit for more information and a video explanation of the Storybook!

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