High Voltage Kids Ministry <i>The Real Christmas Story</i> Curriculum Download
High Voltage Kids Ministry The Real Christmas Story Curriculum Download

The Christmas Story has been told and retold for thousands and thousands of years. There have been movies made, stage productions created, and many other things to retell “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Through all of that, many of the details have been muddled.

Remember the mean innkeeper we learned about in Sunday School? You know, the one who refused to give the poor young mother a bed to have her baby? Guess what? He’s NOT in the Bible. The Bible never once mentions an innkeeper who refused the couple a place to stay. It simply says, “...for there was no room in the inn.”

Remember the picture we always saw of Mary riding on a donkey while Joseph held the rope? Also NOT in the Bible. The Bible doesn’t tell us how they got to Bethlehem. It only says that Mary “came with Joseph.” We have no idea HOW they got there.

Remember the nativity sets that had the wise men AND the shepherds kneeling before the baby Jesus? Didn’t happen. The wise men didn’t arrive until Jesus was much older (perhaps up to two years old).

Because of all of the confusion about the Christmas Story, it is so important that we teach our kids “The REAL Christmas Story” - straight from the Bible. That is what we attempt to do in this series. Your kids will love remembering all of the details and learning some new twists in the plot that they may never have known.

The Lessons:

This Series Includes:

DVD - contains "The Spark" Lesson Intro Video segments that introduce each lesson; Power Verse Videos; "Watt's Up?" Video segments featuring SKITTLES, and more. Also includes weekly "Game On!", "Offering Time!", and "Brain Drain". (BONUS** BLOOPERS VIDEO)

Data CD - contains PDF and Adobe InDesign files of the entire Leader's Manual to personalize each lesson to your service's needs, graphic art for promo, character skits, illustrated messages, Family Devotions, and weekly Small Group Lessons. Also includes all of the Quicktime Videos for each lesson - perfect for dropping into Media Shout, Pro Presenter, and other presentation software

Download a sample Large Group and Small Group lesson.

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