The World of Whiff Book
The World of Whiff Book

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About the author:
Brendon is married to his beautiful and awesome (yup both) wife Lora and has two daughters. He has been working with elementary-age kids and families for almost 30 years, where he has been honored to meet so many great people!

Originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, Brendon had a little bit of Whiff in him from the beginning. New situations would cause some anxieties to well up and sometimes his imagination helped him through.

A talk with his youngest daughter one night helped him realize that kids may benefit from knowing that some anxieties are normal in life and that they are not alone.

He hopes Whiff will help you complete your mission every day and maybe even have some fun doing it.

About the Book:
37 pages
Dimensions: 8.5x5.5 inches
For kids ages 6-12

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