Object Lessons with Nicki Straza: Video #08 - Cookie Recipe
Object Lessons with Nicki Straza: Video #08 - Cookie Recipe

INTRODUCING: Object Lesson Videos with Nicki Straza

Nicki brings over twenty years of practical ministry experience to everything she does. She believes that kids in ministry become adults in ministry and believes her destiny lies in helping kids young and old understand and walk in the revelation of who they are in Christ.

Every month Nicki will bring a NEW Object Lesson Video for your ministry! All Access Members can watch or download for FREE on Kidology.org, or you can purchase the videos for use in your ministry in the Kidology Store for only $6.00.


  1. Download to use during your in-person children's worship experiences.
  2. Use on your own platform or include in your own online videos.

LICENSING INFORMATION: This video is provided for YOUR USE in your local church ministry. It is not to be uploaded publicly to any video sharing website or platform. If you have a closed group, a private platform, or share it as an unlisted video, that is fine. But please do not share publicly where it can be used outside of your church or group. Thank you for respecting our copyright and intellectual property.

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