Order of the Ancient Christmas Combo
Order of the Ancient Christmas Combo

Josiah and the Mysterious Child!

Ideal for both fans of the novel as well as new readers, this 12-page Order of the Ancient Short Story takes place 1-year after the original novel plotline, continuing the Chronicles of the Remnant with familiar characters, Brent and Amy, discovering the greatest gift ever.

Also included: Discussion Questions for parents and teachers!
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12 pages, color PDF

Order of the Ancient Discussion Guide

The Discussion Guide features never before seen original sketch art from Todd Hampson, the artist who designed both the cover and chapter illustrations which help bring this exciting story vividly to life in the imagination of readers. Students will enjoy comparing the concept (sketch) art with the final illustrations in the book.

BONUS CONTENT: Exclusive to the Discussion Guide are Remnant ID Cards and a Gathering Door Hanger that can add some fun to a study of this exciting but biblically insightful novel.

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Karl enlisted the skills of Pastor Eric Ward to write this discussion guide. Eric had written several other discussion guides for the children of his church on other books for summer reading clubs. Karl was delighted and impressed with the result and knows you will also find this a helpful tool in guiding your students deeper into the spiritual and life concepts that weave throughout this novel.

38 pages, color PDF

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