Recruiting Tool: The Perfect Gift
Recruiting Tool: The Perfect Gift

Recruiting is a never-ending job! That's why it's important to be fresh and original in how we approach prospective volunteers. The invitation to serve children must be creative and positive, but consistent!

Around this time of year, you probably will start to experience the struggle that comes along with finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love the most. Parents have the same struggle every year, and want to give their kids something meaningful. So what's the perfect gift parents can give their child?

Invite them to serve in the kids ministry! Remind them that investing in their kids church experience is more important than any tangible present you can wrap with paper and ribbon. They can be a part of their child's church experience, and share a gift that will keep on giving!

This creative card folds up to look like a gift wrapped with a bow. When opened up, it reveals how serving in kids ministry can positively impact their kids for a long time to come!

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