Volunteer Training Video #11 - C.A.L.M. Discipline
Volunteer Training Video #11 - C.A.L.M. Discipline

Discipline that will change the Heart, not just the behavior.

When it comes to discipline, our goal is not to change behavior, but to change the heart. If we change the heart, we will change behavior for life. Learn the secret to shaping the heart of a child through C.A.L.M. discipline.

Learn the C.A.L.M. approach to discipline that does more than change behavior - it shapes the heart.

NOTE: Downloading the video enables you to show from your own computer (no Internet required for screening) or to post in a CLOSED Group. Videos cannot be posted online where they are accessible to the general public. However, if you have a closed Facebook Group limited to volunteers from your church or another similar closed environment that protects the video from broader distribution, in those cases, you have permission to post online. Otherwise, online posting is prohibitive. Thank you for respecting the copyright of these videos.

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