Recruiting Tool #09 - Join Me!
Recruiting Tool #09 - Join Me!

Recruiting is a never-ending job! That's why it's important to be fresh and original in how we approach prospective volunteers. The invitation to serve children must be creative and positive, but consistent!

JOIN ME in serving in Kids Ministry!

The most effective recruiting is not leader to volunteers but rather volunteer to volunteer. This fun flyer gives you a tool to give your faithful volunteers to help them invite others to serve with them.

To add to the fun and make it a little harder to get lost in piles of paper - attach a party blower to the corner of each flyer before passing them out.

At a volunteer meeting or gathering pass them out to current volunteers and encourage them by letting them know that they are far better recruiters that you are!

"Come serve with me," is more powerful than "come serve for me." Potential volunteers expect leaders to recruit so it is easier to resist the call. But when peers recruit, it is twice as effective!

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